Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello, it's me

Hello, can you hear me.
Hello from the other side.

Hello from the outside. 

Hello, how are you?

Hello, it's me!

Well, here I am posting for the first time this year! But can you believe that January is just about over? I can't, this year is proving to be going by quickly already. I just sat here drinking my coffee 
thinking about last year all in my head. It's amazing how much has happened. It's also astonishing how much I've grown in so many ways this past year. I really do believe it's the most I've ever really been able to do and conquer in so many years. Not just as a person in whole but as a mother and wife but most of all as a hairstylist. And I'm proud to be where I'm at and look forward to where I am going. It thrills me to just think about what life has in store for me but also for my family in general. Excitement I tell you! 

Let's not tiptoe around the fact that I haven't been around this space. Mostly because I have been so focused on making our home, ours, and also focusing on other things that needed my attention. Things like my blog, photography and other hobbies have been pushed to the side. It's funny because usually I feel so guilty when I'm away from my blog or other things that I love to do for too long but this time around it was consensual. Sure, I've missed it but there aren't any negative feelings for my absence. It has just felt right. The time away started around the time Sebastian knocked over a water bottle onto my MacBook! Yup, that happened, which really made my vacation from my blog that much more permanent. When events like that present themselves sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back. I had a revelation that my destroyed MacBook was a sign to take a break and not force myself to try to be current on something that wasn't feeling nature to me at the moment. But I hope to be back. No, I haven't replaced my laptop. I don't plan to for a little while. The goal is to save to purchase myself a Mac desktop instead, and we all know those aren't cheap! 

I'm typing to you on a glorified IPad. A refurbished IPad that was brought back from the dead by my wonderful husband and who bought me a nice bluetooth keyboard. I'm golden! You will notice my posts won't be as fancy or showy but growth! This is something I'm growing in. You do not have to be perfect Anita! 

So that's it for now my friends. I have so much love for this little sliver of web that I get to call mine. Here's to this year of growth and love.