Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Thinking about: My brain is a whirlwind lately so I thought I'd just spew out all things on my brain because why the hell not! So to begin with, I'm hoping to try to get back into the blogging swing of things. I miss my space which I feel like is always said when I've been MIA. Here's to trying to bring my blog back from the dead. Our house is amazing and I'm so in love with how well we've settled in. Now it's all about the projects that we want to accomplish and being that I'm not a very patient person, it's hard not to just go and try to make all these projects happen all at once. I've sort of become a thrifting queen lately and have been able to find my very own power tools to aid in my projects. Asking to use power tools from Bobby is not something I like to do because not only does he try to baby me with the use of them but then I feel like I need to baby the power tool because it's his! HA. No thank you. So I bought my own and I'll do what I please with it. The end. Slowly this blog is going to become a DIY blog! 

Looking forward to: Well, mostly we are looking forward to our Haunted Housewarming party in the middle of October. Naturally we wanted to combine our housewarming with Halloween! I can't wait for everyone to come over and see our new place and just let loose and enjoy the company of our framily. We are also excited for a new addition to our family at the end of October (and no, I'm not pregnant!) so stay tuned for the news later on in the month! 

Watching: Okay so we all know the Fall is my favorite because all of the new shows that start as well as old ones come back on. Some new ones that I've become hooked on are; The Bastard Executioner, Limitless, Fear the Walking Dead, Heroes Reborn and Scream Queens. I've been counting down the days until these shows started! Heroes Reborn is going to be great! Limitless is based on the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper and it seems like it's going to be a very action packed show, this both Bobby and I are watching together. The Bastard Executioner is made by Kurt Shutter who also made Sons of Anarchy so I have high hopes for this one! So far so good. Very bloody and gruesome, two thumbs up! Fear the Walking Dead is another zombie apocalypse show, never too many of those in my life and then Scream Queens is just a fun & corny added in between the rest. Still waiting on American Horror Story: Hotel to come on and then I'll be set! What have you been watching??

Doing: I get to go rent a car for a few days all due to someone breaking into my car this past weekend. I had it parked in a parking garage next to my work. Some terrible human being used a pry bar to scatter my passenger front window. It sucked having to deal with that during my work day but thankfully I have some amazing co-workers who had my back. Funny thing is that I had nothing of value in my car. Sebastian's booster seat and his toys scattered around the car. That's it! Nothing was damaged other than the window and door. So now we have to deal with insurance and a body shop to get my jeep up and running again. Oh well, also grateful for a husband that is knowledgeable in all things cars. So it's easy, not much I need to do! 

Loving: FALL! It's finally here! There's always that post about Fall. It's like a blogging clique but I don't give a dang-a-lang. It's here and I love it oh so much. We have two fireplaces in our house, one being a wood burning stove that is upstairs and a pellet stove that's down in the family room. So having a fire crackling in the chilly evening has literally become my favorite thing. So therapeutic to come home to at the end of a work day. I can't help lounge on the couch with a hot cup of tea to end my day. Love baking in my new kitchen! My oven is my new best friend and have found that it bakes better then a few of the ovens I've had to use in the past. My pies are coming out extra delicious. Also loving, being a homeowner, learning new things, future planning, a little boy who forever keeping me on my toes and testing my super mom powers, a husband who is always there for me and never doubts my dreams, a dad that comes and visit and helps with projects and a beautiful thing I call life. Amen.