Monday, July 13, 2015

Who I am

I am...

+ getting more and more excited to be a homeowner. We've been (well, when I say "we" I mean me!) picking out paint for most of the house. The kitchen, dining room and living room are an open style concept so picking paint wasn't as easy as I imagined. But I think we found a pair that are going to look fantastic. Of course Sebastian had no trouble at all picking a color for his bedroom. Because we're cool like that and totally let him peruse the wall of colors and choose for himself. Why not! So, that's all said and done. Our room is all decided on as well. Which, to be honest, was a surprise because I totally thought Bobby and I were going to have trouble coming to an understanding. No. It was way easier than the main part of the house. There's also another bedroom that's going to be made into a guest bedroom, a laundry room, another spare bedroom downstairs, as well as the family room. But we aren't going to venture into doing all of that just yet. Just the main parts for now. Let's not get too crazy!! Furniture has been a different story. Furniture scares me. It's an investment because have you seen what couches are going for nowadays?? Holy Smokes. And it can be a little daunting to make such a purchase with the understanding that it has to stay. For a long time. Like, no takey backsies. It's okay though, I'm starting to realize that the furniture is going to take some time. And I'm fine with that.

+ trying not to go into a tailspin of emotion about the fact that Sebastian is going to be turning seven years old in a few short weeks. It's mind blowing to me. I can't even express the feelings that I feel. I've never been a person to say that I feel old but suddenly now that he's turning seven my age has been brought to my attention. I know, I know. I'm no where near being "old" and all and it's not really about that. It's simply the fact that my age as never even crossed my mind. Birthdays have come and gone and I've been content with it. Now that I'm going to be a mom to a seven year old, whoa, things have changed. I'm not even the slightest sure what I've just said even makes any sense. Either way, it's there. Oh you feelings.

+ constantly surprised with how overwhelming my industry can be. In a good way though. The hair industry is an amazingly creative outlet. There's so much to learn and create and achieve. It gets me so excited and I am still forever thankful that I have been able to pursue my dreams and jump head first right into it all. Not to mention that there are so many ridiculously talented people in my industry that I am regularly collecting inspiration from them. Not just within my salon but all over the world. Which brings me to social media! Holy. Cow. Am I so glad it's a tool for us to take advantage of. Otherwise I would not be able to be involved in all the great hair stylist's work out there!

+ excited to be living closer to my little sister, Michelle. I feel like she has really become my best friend in so many ways. It helps that she's matured tremendously! Boy does that help! I'm looking forward to making more memories with her.

+ trying to figure out a way so that I can do more blogging. I love blogging and can't imagine stopping or getting rid of it. It's just the time thing. Until we move and right now with the way I commute I do have loads of sporadic time to be able to write posts but it's hard to be able to carry my laptop around with me, since I do a lot of walking. It can get heavy! So, I'm hoping to maybe invest into an iPad with a keyboard. Does anyone else have this sort of problem? What do you do? Help. Me.

+ looking forward to a handful of weddings I'm going to be doing these last couple months of summer. A few of them are with Jennifer, my partner in crime at the salon and a couple that I'll be doing solo. Did you know that I absolutely love doing wedding hair and pretty much any up-do styling?! Well, I do. Can someone just land me a gig with a fashion magazine so that I could do editorial styling for all eternity. K thanks!

+ loving the new season of True Detective. Any one else out there totally hooked on it? Also the nerd in me has yet again become twisted up in the super natural world that is Teen Wolf. Oh no. Just me. I figured.

+ ready for scarfs, cardigans, pumpkin-y beverages, spending hours in the kitchen churning out baked goods without sweating profusely from every crevice of my body, and watching Hocus Pocus back to back to back. Yeah. I'm ready for that.

+ in need of the Amazon Echo. It shall be mine. I can already foresee Alexa becoming my sidekick in life. Oh the things we can achieve together!

+ finding it very stressful to have to break the news to our local coffee shop Cups that we are moving to the other side of the water. Wanda, the women who owns Cups is basically the sweetest lady in all the land. We are all on a first name basis and she knows are drinks. She gives hugs to Sebastian whenever we come in and I think she secretively gives him an extra scoop of ice cream when I'm not looking. The shop has become a huge part of our lives so I believe it's going to be the most missed thing in Poulsbo, other than my parents of course! Ugh. I'm already thinking about putting together a little basket to hand her as I quickly blurt out that we won't be regulars anymore. Tragic. It really is.

+ thankful for all the good people in my life. For my skinny boyfriend jeans that have nice gapping holes in them that keep me cool and that I seem to wear everyday lately. For my step-mom who is a very organized hoarder and who has stacks and stacks of big plastic containers that are so very helpful for packing our things in. I might forget to bring them back over the ferry. Thankful for the people I work with who keep the fire lit inside of me. Amen.


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