Monday, July 13, 2015

Dancing Brush

We had a gift card to Dancing Brush that we needed to use up and so we made a special visit to have some fun. Have you heard of Dancing Brush? It's an amazing place to visit when you are feeling like being an artist or to spend some right-brain time with your friends and family. We have had a few different experiences with Dancing Brush and with every visit we leave wanting to hurry back! 

Dancing Brush is located in Poulsbo. Pretty convenient for us! There is another location in Ballard. The space itself is huge, very open and inviting. So many colors and things to look at. When you walk in you are instantly invited in by the girls that work there. Super friendly and laid back. The first step is to choose from the collection of plates, mugs, bowls, and special pottery pieces. It's great because you can find things as cheap as $8 all the way up to $30. All depending on what you decide to paint. 

You get to choose where ever you'd like to sit. There are many tables to pick from, some smaller tables or longer ones if you end up coming with a group of friends! Each table is already set up for you to begin, with paints, brushes, a bowl of water, a sponge and a place mat. You don't even have to fill the bowl up with fresh water! It's all there. 

Once you've chosen the pottery piece you want, you start painting! It's so fun. There's a little ceramic tile with dots on it for you to squeeze out dime sizes of the your chosen paints. It allows kids to stay neat and to be able to stick with just enough colors rather than getting too carried away with all of the selection. This visit Sebastian picked out a Wolverine piggy bank that he's had his eye on since the last time we were in. 

There's tools at your disposal. Things like stamps, templates, screen prints, and glaze colors. You can even walk around the space to check out other peoples art work to get inspiration from. The girls who work there just hang out doing their thing and only really assist if needed. We love that about it because whenever we go it feels like it's our little art studio that we have all to ourselves. There's good music playing with other families gathered around the tables.

Sebastian had a blast painting Wolverine! He wanted to make sure that he was painted as close to the real thing so we ended up looking up photos of him on my phone to replicate the right colors. Once we were done, we gave Wolverine to one of the girls who then took it to the back where they will apply a clear glaze on it and then put it in a kiln to be fired. It usually takes about a week for the process and they just give you a call when it's all done to get picked up.

With life being as busy as it is we typically always forget so it's nice to get that call to remind us and because we do forget it's fun to go pick it up and see the reveal of the finished product.

I plan to go back one last time to make something for myself. A mug I think! I'll post an update once we pick up Wolverine to show you all how it turned out. It will be nice to visit Dancing Brush whenever we are back in downtown Poulsbo once we move! I recommend you visit it too. Fantastic way to use your right-brain, be creative and artistic and take home something that you made yourself!

Our visit was a success. xoxo

This post is not sponsored by Dancing Brush. Thanks for reading!

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