Sunday, May 17, 2015

Viking Fest

Poulsbo is a viking town. Although I don't know too much about the history, I do know that the Poulsbo community has a good time during Viking Fest weekend. Downtown Poulsbo is full to the brim with people from all over who come to enjoy the festivities, good food and fun entertainment. It's so fun! This year was pretty special due to the fact that Sebastian friend Sienna was crowned to be one of the Miss Viking Princesses. There's a sea of people typically walking around eating corn on the cob or a towering plate of Viking Chips (thinly sliced deep friend potato chips!), or an elephant or two.

Occasionally you'll come across a viking passing by or a lady in traditional women's viking attire. Some of them have a tent set up with things reenacting how the vikings used to live. The way they cooked or the tools they used, it's fun hearing them talk as if they were still living back in those days. Most of them having viking blood running through their veins and hold the traditions dear to their hearts. I love that! And even though I like to think I'm an expert on the whole viking thing since I'm a binge watcher of the show The Vikings, I don't think I can actually get away with it.

See what I mean, vikings this way they come! So many families enjoying themselves and so many four legged furry friends too. I met two basset hounds that stole my heart. Meet Macy & Lacy.

At some point we gathered around the pavilion and to see Sienna, Sebastian's friend go through some kind of Miss Viking tradition/ritual where they had to take a spoon full of some kind of funky fish thing. I know. Honestly, I didn't quite fully understand the meaning or why they made these little girls do such a thing but they did and I was able to get an amazing shot of Sienna's grossed out face!!
It was epic and such a perfect photo to show her once she is older. Don't worry she ended up spitting it out, it was that awful.

Of course, we had to sneak up to say hello to Sienna and steal a photo with her. She is naturally a very busy lady with being a princess and all!

Our Viking Fest fun ended with some fun carnival rides with lots of laughs and too much spinning if you ask me! Until next year.

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