Sunday, April 05, 2015

Hoppy Easter

 Hoppy Easter everyone! Today is all about family and spending time with our loved ones. Our Easter will be very relaxing in the home setting and I'm totally okay with that! The morning of Easter is always exciting around the house, with the bunny coming by dropping off gifts and way too much candy for us ever consume. I'll be taking some excess into the salon next week, surely my clients will be thrilled for some treats as well as my coworkers!

Our egg hunt was a blast and Sebastian always has fun trying to find all those eggs the tricky bunny scatters around the yard. I had to snap a few photos to remember this day. Lately, I can't help but take photos of such things because I know we do not have too many Easters left that will be filled with things like egg hunts and the magic of the Easter bunny. Kids grow up and you can't help it. 

The Easter bunny brought lots of eggs filled to the brim with more candy. Save me! It's funny because we hardy ever eat even half the amount of candy we end up with and we really do tend to give it away. But that's part of it all! Sebastian was a lucky boy and found a few fun things waiting for him when he won't up. Things like a new Jenga Boom game that we are all excited to play, a package from East coast family, gifts from my parents and a boomerang that dad will have to teach him how to use (count me out with that one!). 

Sebastian also found a folded up map in his basket. He asked why it was in his basket and that's when we told him about our little two day trip to Portland, Oregon tomorrow! He was excited that we are going on an adventure to another state. We leave early in the morning tomorrow so that we can have a full day of shenanigans in Oregon! I ended up finding a room to stay in via Airbnb for one night. Super easy and we're renting a room from a family who live relatively close to downtown and have children close to Sebastian's age! Excited for him to have some friends to interact with. It will be a much needed little family get-a-way for us and can't wait to document it.

Happy Easter! Be happy, or be hoppy. Just do both!

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