Wednesday, April 15, 2015

georgetown stylized photoshoot

A few weeks ago I was asked by one of my good friends, a photographer, to help style a photoshoot. Of course I said yes! Ashley and her husband Ross are a cute little team that specialize in wedding photography. They wanted to do something a little more fun and on the creative side, which I'm all about! They chose the location and the models and I came along to style the model's hair and do her makeup plus tag along to get some photography pointers. We went down to Georgetown, a neighborhood in Seattle. I had never been so I was excited to have a look around. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised to realize that Georgetown is actually a really interesting place full of really unique things to see.

The models were an adorable young couple who were really open to having fun. We started shooting at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. If you've never been, you must! It's full of colorful trailers transformed into vintaged boutiques. The displays are thought out and breathtaking. It's so easy for a photographer to get really great shots with all the unique props and vivid backdrops. Not to mention, the owners of the these little vintage trailers were just awesome people who let us use some of what they had in their displays as props! So fun!

All photos taken by 2Twelve Design & Photo

How cute did these turn out! Love it. Ashley & Ross were nice enough to take a few of me while we were walking around. Of course I had a bit of fun with some hula hoops towards the end of our time. What?! I couldn't help myself.

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