Friday, March 06, 2015


Wanderlust, a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world. 

Yup! That about describes it. Now that I'm getting older and Sebastian is growing up my urge to start traveling more is growing stronger. Sebastian's at the age where he is curious about places and things and also at the age where it's a lot easier to travel. It's super nice. I've been compiling a list of places near and far that I hope to visit.. It's fun seeing people live in these places via Instagram and getting to see sneak peeks or just seeing people visit places that light a fire within me and make me what to pick up and head right there!

Growing up my family didn't do much traveling. If anything we did a lot of camping in Washington State and did go to Disneyland once when I was younger. The trips we did take made an impression on me and the memories will always stay in my heart. I want Sebastian to have the same sort of memories and be able to experience different cultures, places and just see with his little brown eyes that there is a world of wonder out there. Hell, I want to see all those things too! 


1. New Orleans. I've wanted to travel to New Orleans for quite some time now. It looks like such a fascinating city with a melt of culture, food and music. Oh the food! I want to eat bowls filled to the brim of authentic gumbo and try an real deal Po-Boy. Of course, I'd stop at Cafe Du Monde for their world famous beignets and order a cafe au lait. A long walk around the French Quarter and gaze up on the beautiful timeless buildings and walk down Magazine Street to window shop small boutiques. It just seems like such an interesting place to visit with lots to see and do! Oh, and wouldn't miss out on a tour or two. 

2. Portland, Oregon. We're actually planning a trip to Portland for when Sebastian goes on Spring break in April! Someone had told me about this really great website called Airbnb. It's a place where you can find unique places to stay while traveling. Actual homes or rooms for rent where ever you go instead of staying in the boring hotel. It was an amazing discovery and we plan on taking advantage  of it. I've never been to Portland and now that we have been back in Seattle for a little more than a year it's about time to take a trip over. I hope to be able to visit the magical Multomah Falls and get some hiking in with the boys and then even take a drive to the coast! Of course, I need to find a few fun food trucks and eat at a couple restaurants that I've had written down after spotting them on Unique Eats on the Food Channel! 

3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Major road trip in store for whenever this trip happens! I would like to a trip of this magnitude when Sebastian is a little older just so that there's a guarantee that he'll experience it to the fullest and remember it for many days to come. My dream would be to rent an RV and just drive stopping along the way. Roughing it for a few weeks as we adventure to Yellowstone. Of course, I long to see things like Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake but I also just long to go out and really venture letting nature whisper sweet nothings to us as we hunt for bliss. With backpacks on our backs and hiking boots laced up. I want to feel like a kid again and do things without thought or planning...just let it happen. And maybe along the way spot some wild life. 

Wanderlust. When it takes a hold of you, it's grip is tight. Anywhere you have a longing to visit or travel to? My list of desirable places to travel to is much longer and is not limited to just these yet these three places have been on my mind the most lately! 

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