Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips on goal setting

If you're like me you are constantly setting goals. I have a list of so many goals. They range from small to large goals. I believe in writing goals down to not only, well, just write them down so you don't forget them but also to have a reminder to help motivate and inspire you. Huge on it! It's something I love to ask people-- What are your goals in life? Some people are like whoa! And actually have to think about something to say to me and others are on the same page and have no problem telling me. Either way is cool to me. I get a thrill out of both of those types of people. The thrill that I get from people who are a little hesitant on how to answer are people that I know I've planted a seed in. I can just imagine myself smiling with satisfaction at the thought. Hell, I'm doing right now just talking about it! Then there's the type that will answer, spewing off goals left and right, I fall into this type, which is why I get giddy because you just know they are goal setting people. 

If I asked all of you if you believe in the power of writing your goals down, you would all raise your hands. But the real question is do you do it? The majority would say no. Honestly, no one can tell me that you don't have time to do it or I always forget because really! Put your social media away or turn the TV off and do something that will empower you!!

It's all about being S. M. A. R. T. Acronyms, you got to love them! I've had this acronym written down for so long that I don't even know where I saw it at but it's helped me so much with my goal setting. Of course, you need to go about setting goals with a smart mind and open heart, is what I like to say. 

1. Specific. When you start to set a goal you have to just get right down to it. Being as specific as you can will not only keep things achievable but also it will keep you from getting overwhelmed, no point in setting yourself up for failure. We do not want that! That would just be working against what goals stand for. Example: Take more photographs. MORE specific. Take one photograph everyday for a year. 

2. Measurable. What I mean by measurable is in order to help the success of accomplishing a goal it's more likely to happen with you having an amount to look towards. When setting a goal for example that involves you making more money this year. Great goal! But make it more measurable, I want to make $3,000 more this year. Making more money is very nice goal to set but with having that amount you want to push for will give you even more motivation!

3. Actionable. And action! With this one I think action words. There's something about action words that seem to really give written goals some razzle dazzle. It's easy to write something like Be more constant with exercise. But you really want to bring it more life. Run one mile a day. You see the difference. Just adding run in there creates a sense of action and now it's like you have to do it! Whole new level. Actions get you to move. 

4. Realistic. The most important in my mind and the hardest to really understand. Who are we kidding, if you don't set goals that are sensible and have you in mind well then they're just not going to get done. It's effortless to tell yourself that you want to loose 20 pounds. Is it realistic? Maybe and maybe not. I think setting a goal like that can do more harm than good. Why not something more on the line of cut out soda from my diet. This way you're cutting out something that you know is not good for you but it's clearly going to do good for you in the long run. Having more goals like that will ultimately get you to loosing 20 pounds but doesn't make it seem like you'll loose your mind. 
I've had the most trouble with this step in my goal making process. In the past, I always seem to set goals that were just too much for me and weren't very realistic for me at the time. The great thing about it is that goals that are not realistic at one point in time can certainly open up and become realistic! It's amazing this life we live! 

5. Timing. Goals need to have some sort of a time-bound on them otherwise they are more likely to not get done. It's just another tool to pursue you to reach those dream and goals. Read more books. Okay great but you need more! By the end of the month I want to have read 20 books! So simple. I can see where this can be hard for some people. By some people, I mean me! It can be a little stressful putting a time stamp on a goal but really it's just there to push you and who cares if you don't reach it by the end of the month. It rolls over to the next month and you keep at it until you do reach it. No worries! 

Hey! Goals are for you. You have the power here. No one else. Write them in a notebook, your phone or blog about them. Tell people or don't. Goals can turn into dreams and dreams are only yours to have. I love inspiring people to make those dreams happen. We only live this life once and we have the power to make whatever we want to happen, happen! 

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