Monday, March 16, 2015

Kitchen Donut party

The kitchen. It's my happy place at home. I mean, I sort of already knew that but today was the day that I really realized that it's sort of the place I spend the most time at home. I feel safe and kind of get into the zone when I'm in the kitchen. I have my own system when it comes to my cooking and baking. I put things in certain places and I usually have a pretty good idea about when it's the right time to knock some dishes out.

Today was a day where I spent most of my day in the kitchen. I always seem to find myself there when I have too much on my mind or not enough on my mind. When I'm too busy and need to wind down or when I'm bored out of my mind and need to keep myself doing something. Lately, I find that I've been challenging myself with different recipes or things that I would have never really had the nerve to create. I'm lucky for having my dad and mom around who are pretty good cooks/bakers to give me guidance when making things out of my comfort zone. It's fun being able to learn to cook foods from my culture or bake delicious goodies that you'd find in a bakery in Hungary.

Yeasted donuts. That was my challenge today. Honestly, it was a challenge from yesterday that pretty much went wrong. I'll admit it. Yeast scares me. I'm not sure what it is. Actually I do! It's the uncertainty about it. Will it rise this time? Yeast seems very finicky.

This project started yesterday and I just about gave up but then my mom swooped in and gave me a hand by adding a few more things to the dough like more yeast (because she suspected the yeast I had used wasn't cutting it), a dash of sugar and a bit more flour. We let it sit and it starting growing.

They turned out beautifully! I whipped up a simple vanilla buttercream to fill some of the donuts. I made a simple chocolate frosting to top some of the donuts and then a bowl filled with granulated sugar to coat some of the donuts, which is my favorite. We had a little mini donut party in the kitchen after they were all deep fried, yes, they were deep fried because we only live once!

I used this recipes from Brown Eye Baker.  Now go have your own donut party!

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