Thursday, February 05, 2015

who i am

+ I'm proud to announce that I have landed an internship with Zero Zero Hair on Capital Hill. I've been swooning over this salon for quite some time and after pursuing it with some persistence, it finally came true. I'm assisting a really talented human being for a couple months as well as learning and soaking up all that everyone at the salon emanates. The stylists within the salon are so diverse ranging in different ages, styles and personalities with both men & women. I'm so excited to grow as a stylist but what I'm most excited about is being on Capital Hill. So fun!

+ We're getting so close to buying our first home! I can taste it. It takes so very sweet. It's been one big headache with dealing with loans but I think we are getting very close. Next step is house hunting and finding our dream home. No pressure. Really though, I can't wait to have a place to call our own, where we can have nice things and make it our place. A place to invite friends over and so that I can cook for other people. One more milestone can be checked off of our list.

+ I recently signed up to be a volunteer at Sebastian school. This month I'm running the Science Club. I was pleasantly surprised when the school told me 22 kids signed up for my club. At first I was super excited and then a little panicky. 22 kids all by myself! Phew. But I did just fine for my first time and the kids loved the Lava Lamps we made. I had the kids ooooooing and aahhhhing and even heard a little girl say to her friends, this is so much cooler than baking club I did last year! I'm happy that I get to spend some time doing things with Sebastian and his peers.

+ I'm growing my hair out. I swear. It's happening and the struggle is real. I'm having a hard time with this awkward stage that I'm currently in. The pact that I've made with myself is still holding strong. My goal is to reach a bob length and then once I'm there I hope to have the strength to keep growing it. I would love to have hair past my shoulders. I know, I know I've got quite some time until that all comes true but a girl can dream!

+ Feeling really thankful for the people in my life. People who are constantly lifting me up and encouraging me. People who believe in my dreams and all things that I want in life. I am truly fortunate for these people and wouldn't be who I am in this moment if it weren't for them! Thank you. I will always cultivate the habit of being grateful.

+ Starting to live more in the moment and be more mindful that I can do anything but just not everything.

+ Oh & just be silly sometimes...

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