Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five new reads

I love blogs. Duh. When I first discovered blogs, before even the thought of starting one myself, I remember most all of them having their own page for a blog roll. Remember that blog friends? It's sort of a thing of the past and I feel like I don't do enough sharing of new to me blogs that I've discovered. It's fun coming across a blog that speaks to you in a some sort of special way. It's either one that you connect with because of the material or sometimes you're drawn to it simply by how pretty it is! Lately, I've been clicking on the explore button on Bloglovin' and really loving what has been coming up. How do you come upon new to you blogs?

This blog is beautiful and how can you not love a beautiful young couple who cook together. The photos on this blog on their own have me coming back for more. They're all about cooking healthy whole food recipes, which is right up my ally.

Sophie is inspirational and very creative. She focuses on helping creative people keep being creative. We all can relate to being in a rut every now and again and it's nice to have a place to turn to to help get back on the right track. Plus she's super cute. 

 An awesome space full of photography, beauty and blog tips. I enjoy reading about what she has to say about blogging in general but she seems like a very well-rounded blogger. 

I'm a follower of A Beautiful Mess and well as every other blogger out there in the world. I mean who isn't a following those amazing women. Gems I tell you! Laura is on the ABM team and it was fun when I ran into her blog via another blog. It was a pleasant surprise since I had no idea she had a personal blog. She's obviously a band wife and her blog is totally a reflection of ABM but with her own personal flare. I'm a new groupie. 

You can only guess why this blog caught my eye. Hair and romance in the blog name. Hooked! A blog all about hair and hair inspiration. It's perfect for my hair stylist heart. I've been sharing more and more about hair on my little corner of the web and although I don't think I could ever strictly be only a hair blog it's fun to find other blogs out there that are. It's safe to say I'm having a love affair with this blog. Chalk full of hair tutorials, tips and tricks.  

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