Saturday, January 10, 2015

television is my boyfriend

Binge watching TV or Netflix is like the new coolest thing to do. Didn't you know? I've been binge watching TV shows like my life depends on it. And really, no shame about it either. This time I have at home has allowed me to do it and it's fine. No, but really I am so addicted to all these brilliant TV shows that some really brilliant people have made. I always tell Bobby that in another life I very well would have been a writer for television. I have this incredible ability to foretell the outcome of anything we are watching. Of course, Bobby doesn't think it's so great because it kind of ruins it but I've gotten to the point now that I just tell him that I know what's going to happen, very vaguely, and not really tell him details. Well, until he starts to beg me to tell him because he wants to know.

It amazes me how there are so many talented people out there writing these shows and how great they really can be. The way they draw us in and how connected we can feel with the characters. It's easy to binge watch all of them because they are really addicting. I know I'm not the only one in this boat. We all do it. Honestly, I love being able to watch episode after episode after episode for hours on end. Here's what I've been watching lately. 

JustifiedThis show is not something I would typically watch. It takes a lot for me to watch a crime drama not to mention one that takes place in a boring hick-ville town. Yes. I said it, I totally judged this show. I was very wrong. First of all, this coal-mining town in Eastern Kentucky has some of the craziest things happening. Ultimately the show following Marshal Rylan Givens around and let's just say he's easy on the eyes. If anything I'm watching just to bat my eyelashes at his handsome face, good teeth and tight jeans. It's good. Both Bobby and I have been binge watching with our Amazon Prime. Currently 5 season. Season 6 premieres January 20th on FX at 10pm. 

The 100.  This show surprised me many times. It's a Sci-Fi drama set in a post apocalyptic setting. It's been 97 years since the a nuclear war happened totally erasing human existence except lone survivors who have managed to make a spaceship home up in the Milky Way. Space. I know, crazy. Now that so many years have past the spaceship has deteriorated along with the incapability to house the generations of people. So with no other chose they send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth in hopes that it's livable. Mind. Blown. Of course, what in the world do you think will happen when you put 100 juveniles together. Exactly. Nothing good. Things unravel. And the adventures of discovering a new world is exciting. There/s only two seasons. The last episode of the second season had be sobbing on the couch. 

Bob's Burgers. I know what you're thinking. What? Anita watches Bob's Burgers. Well, yes, I do. And it's not easy to admit. Totally not something I would watch. And I didn't until my little sister basically begged me to watch and kept telling me little things about the show that were funny. But I just kept thinking there was no way I would think it's actually funny but that it was just funny because she was telling me about it. See, Michelle is really good at impersonating characters. Then one day really late at night I was laying in bed and couldn't get to sleep. There I was browsing Netflix and Bob's Burgers happened to flash before my eyes. That's how it happened and it became something I watched right before bed. I kept telling myself that it helped me get to sleep but really I was just lying to myself because I actually think the show is clever and hysterical. Tina Belcher who is the oldest sibling is my favorite character and one I connect to on so many levels. In a nutshell, she's a hopeless romantic who has zero to none social skills and likes horses, zombies and staring at boy's butts. She's my spirit animal. 

United States of Tara. You can catch this one on Netflix. Another one my little sister got me hooked on. Once I found out the synopsis of the show I was like, whoa how come this hasn't been done before!? It's about Tara who struggles with dissociative identity disorder. Struggles is saying it pretty lightly though. Any sort of stress or emotional strife she transition into one of her alternate personalities. Yeah. There's T who is a vulgar 16 year old, Alice the 50s prim and proper housewife and Buck the male Vietnam vet. She has the support of her amazingly supportive husband and sometimes supportive kids. They complete a very dysfunctional family. 

Girls. Epic show. All about a group of girls in their 20s living in NYC and their experiences trying to fulfill their dream. When hearing about this show and all the buzz it got I didn't really pay much attention to it because I just thought it was one of those typical shows about girls and their lame drama filled lives like Sex in the City all over again. And I was right! It's exactly that but not lame. It's interesting and sometimes super weird. Full of sex, drugs, drama and relationships. I think it's great. 

New shows to come in the next few months:

Better Call Saul. Huge fan of Breaking Bad and if you've seen it then you know that Saul is Walker Whites slimy-safe-keeper and confidant lawyer. This new drama is based on Saul and his times before ever meeting Walker. I'm interested to learn more about Saul. Well see how it goes!

Daredevil. I'm a sucker for Marvel, whether it's shows or movies. I think it has something to do with being a mom to a little boy and having a husband like mine who equally loves super heroes. He's a big kid, no denying it. Netflix is amazing and creating a show about Daredevil. I don't know much about Daredevil but what I've read is he was blinded as a child but gifted with heightened senses. He's a lawyer by day and a mask vigilante by night. I know what you're thinking, it sounds like the same old hero type of show. It's does, but I have to give it a chance! April 10th on Netflix!

12 Monkeys. Beyond counting down the days for this show! I'm that excited and you will be too if you just go here and watch the nine minute trailer that they have blessed us with. It's staggering and even just having that nine minutes I'm sucked in and slightly regretting watching it now because I'm just antsy to see the rest of it. To sum it up, it all starts out with it being present day where a man shows up from the post-apocalyptic future trying to find the source of the plague recking havoc on his reality. My weakness is anything to do with a storyline that has the future, apocalyptic circumstances and or time-travel. 

What shows have you been loving? Anything you think I should sink my teeth in?

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