Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spotlight: Sam Villa

I've been swooning over all things Sam Villa lately. Not only does Sam Villa have amazing products but Sam Villa himself seems like such a rad dude! Since being home I have been taking full advantage of the world wide web and been doing lots of online education. There are so many inspirational things that you can find (duh!) on blogs & YouTube. I have pretty much seen all the YouTube videos that Sam Villa has put out and love the way he explains and shows different looks and techniques. Don't get me wrong, it's great for me because I'm learning but there are great tips anyone can use even if you aren't a stylist.

The products Sam Villa puts out have gotten great reviews and although I'm not a current owner of any I created a list of the few products that I've been drooling over the past month. I can't wait to add them to my collection of tools!

1// Cutest comb set alive.

2// Pretty obsessed over this Texturizing Iron. It puts a pretty little crimp in your hair. It's simple yet allows to add some character to the hair. I'm hoping to add this to aid in lovely up-do styles and wedding hair!

3// The Sam Villa Comb. Their heat resistant up to 450° but most of all I love that the end features a neat party pick that allows you to part hair with ease. Must have! 

4// You can never go wrong with a good Thermal Styling Brush. You always need those to achieve those amazing blowouts. It makes a difference and I just love that they are a combination of nylon and boar bristles. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

5// This will most likely be my next big purchase. The Ionic Blowdryer. I've been on the hunt for the right dryer for me. I'm picky! The biggest quality in the blow dryer that I need is the weight of it. My wrist aren't the greatest and it's important that I not kill them with any heavy equipment. The next important thing for me is the airflow and the noise. I need it to be powerful yet quiet. And from what I hear this dryer is all those in one. Perfect!

Anyone of you own anything Sam Villa? I hope to in the near future but in the mean time check out Sam Villa's YouTube channel. Stylist or not there's some great stuff to see!

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