Wednesday, January 21, 2015

hairspiration: the bob vs. the lob

What is a bob? What is a lob? One of the reasons I started blogging more about hair, other than the fact that I love hair and it's what I will be doing for the rest of my life, is the importance for us ladies to understand what it all means. Many of us have no clue how to describe or tell our hairstylists what we want. We go in and tell them sort of what we want trying to fumble and find the right words and then when it comes time to leave the salon we aren't happy. Most of the time it's because the communication fell somewhere. Of course, I believe it's the hairstylist job to figure it all out no matter what it takes but that's a whole other topic!
The bob is huge right now! I totally think it's going to be the hair trend of 2015. You see so many celebrities taking the plunge. You see them posting photos of themselves with their freshly cut hair with the hashtag #shorthairdontcare. It's far from a pixie cut but to anyone who has had hair down to their back that's what it feels like. Chopping off your locks can be a big deal. 

The things you should consider when thinking about getting a bob are pretty simple. The bob is always above the shoulders. You can have a bob as short as above your chin to right at the chin and then between your jaw and the tops of your shoulders. Nearly everyone can wear a bob. The only time I would be hesitant is when someone who has very wide shoulders or a very short neck sits in my chair. Then I would likely try to go for longer lengths. Otherwise, it's two thumbs up!

 For most of us, especially ladies who have long hair, it can be a security blanket. That's why so many are very insecure about being open about cutting more than an inch of their hair. The bob is certainly not a secretly blanket. Your shoulders, neck and chin are possibly exposed. So if you are okay with that then it would work in your favor. Also, if you have a baby fine hair this cut would be so very beneficial for you! There are so many women who have super fine long hair and are so self-conscience about that thin hair when the quickest solution out there is to cut it all off into a bob! It will make your hair look and feel fuller. 

What would I tell my stylist if I wanted a bob? I want a textured/blunt/softened blunt bob that falls when dry between my shoulders and my chin. Bring photos! We live in the "age of pinterest." I think bringing in photos of what you have in mind is the best thing you can ever do. Bring in multiple photos. Maybe you like the length in one photo but you like the texture in another photo. Your hairstylist will be able to pick out each thing you like for each photo and combine it to create your dream bob. 

What is a lob? The lob is a "long bob".  So typically a lob is past your shoulders to around your collar-bone. It's great if you can't quite go as short at a bob...yet! There are tons of people who start out with a lob and then gradually go to a bob. Very smart and honestly, if I know someone who is thinking the bob and see how attached they are to their hair I would absolutely recommend going to a lob first to see how they would like it before taking off length to create a bob. 

What would I tell my stylist if I wanted a lob? I want a textured lob with the longest length in the front to sit at my collar-bone when dry and it be a slightly shorter in the back. If I would of brought the photo of Lauren Conrad (photo above) in with me this is how I would of described her haircut. 

The lob is great with any sort of textured hair, whether you have straight, wavy or very curly hair. You can wear a lob. The only exception would be is if you have ridiculously thick or thin hair. I'm talking about EXTREME. If you like the look of a lob and the length that you keep it, fantastic! The lob can be a little bit of maintenance only because it will start to grow past the point of a long bob and will just be...long. So you might find yourself going in for haircuts a little more often to maintain that look. 

So did I convince you to make an appointment at your salon and take care of business? I hope now your understanding of what makes a bob-a bob and a lob-a lob. Here's an idea! Go get a bob and then just let it grow and before your very eyes you'll magically have a lob. HA, pretty smart right? 

Oh and I have to spotlight my sister-in-law, Nicole who lives in Philadelphia. She texted me last week, of course on the day of her hair appointment, asking me what she should do with her hair. With her hair already being at a lob's length maybe a little longer I sent her photos of Emma Stone with her chic looking bob she wore at the Golden Globe Awards. Alas, she loved the idea and went for it. This is what Little Mermaid would look like if she went trendy! 

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