Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Golden Globes, oh hair!

Did you watch the Golden Globes this past Sunday? In the past, you couldn't catch me dead watching any of those award shows. Now I can't wait to see what all the celebrities are wearing and most of all their HAIR! Sure sure, actually seeing who wins and listening to the speeches is nice as well. Oh but the hair!

Allison William was gorgeous. I adored her tiered dress that made me instantly think, cake! Her hair matched her dress spot on. The forever dazzling old Hollywood style hair was perfect with her look. With it being styled in an asymmetric sort of way really played off her beautiful jaw line nicely. 

Dakota Johnson's dress really showcases her tiny little petite body. The shape of it being open in the front but then takes your eyes downward and flows behind her. Full of sparkle and glamor with those delicate heels. Her hair was simple yet enchanting. Her parted fringe taking away from that everyday type of look to something more elegant while the calm curl resting in front of her shoulder really makes a statement. I'm a simple girl yet totally doing some s&m stuff back at Mr. Grey house after this. 

Emily Blunt was fabulous in Into the Woods. I love her singing voice but here on the red carpet I couldn't get over her hair! That beautiful braid with wispy pieces around her face made her borderline Greek Goddess. I couldn't help but get the urge to recreate this hairstyle-- if only I had a head of hair like hers. 

 What was the first thing you thought of when you saw Jessica Chastain? On the count of three...1...2..3...MERMAID! Her deep colored bronze flowing dress and her hair with loose curls pulled to one screamed mysterious mermaid. Don't you think? She was alluring.

Last but not least, Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl. I got the gist around the world wide web that the dress was not that spectacular but honestly I loved it. I have no idea who she was wearing but I think it's different and dynamic. Her hair was amazing. Another asymmetrical bob. Very chic and although simple, again, it really has a powerful impact on the look altogether. Also, did you know underneath that bob Rosamund has a shaved undercut. So rad! Here's a photo of her showing it off. 

I'm not one to go on and on about things like this but out of everyone on the red carpet this ladies won my heart. What were your favorite looks at the Golden Globe Awards?

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