Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dear Sebastian

Looking around the blogosphere there are many people who have started their project 365. I too have tried to start said project last year and failed miserably. I wish that I could complete it and maybe I will one day but this year instead of doing a project of that magnitude I've decided to do one that I believe will be fun for me and also be something that could be a keepsake later on. Letter's to Sebastian will consist of me taking a photo of Sebastian towards the end of each month and writing a letter to him. The plan is to compile all of the photos and letters and make a book out of them. Wrap it up in wrapping paper with his favorite super hero and give it to him on his 16th birthday. I think it's only fitting to do it on this sweet 16 since he's 6 right now. He'll always be my little boy even when he's sixteen (which is mind blowing to think about) I want him to remember his childhood. 

Dear Sebastian, 

It's your mom. But you still call me mommy, most the time. I dread the day when calling me mommy is lame. It's okay though. I can't believe you are already six-years-old. You've come so far and I'm very proud of you. Just last week you brought home two Orca Tickets from school telling us you were responsible. I loved hearing that. And just this week you had a math test tucked away in your Avengers folder with a score of 28/30. You are really doing well with math which honestly doesn't surprise me because your daddy is very good at it. Sorry to say you did not inherit that from me. 

As you can tell from your face you aren't very amused with me taking photos of you. Most the time I have to bribe you to sit still and when you decided you'll sit still you are very adamant on not giving me a "nice" face for the camera. This is usually what I end up with. Doesn't matter because I love the many faces of my little boy. 

You are very sweet and kind. You open doors for me and keep them open for people who come in behind me at the grocery store. Most the time they don't even notice you're there or thank you, which makes me really mad and I usually say a rude comment loud enough for them to hear, which isn't setting a good example but I can't help myself. You don't even notice. You just walk off feeling proud of your civic duty that you just completed with a big smile on you're face. You are friendly and make friends everywhere you go. It's very reassuring for me knowing that you're so outgoing yet scary at the same time because you still haven't grasped the whole 'stranger danger' concept. You're starting to realize you can't just talk to everyone. Either way you are outspoken (no idea where you got that trait from!) and for me it's a blessing and a curse. You talk so much about everything and you're loud. Very loud. I tell you many times a day to adjust the volume. 

You are loving and still cuddle me. You ask to cuddle me at night before bed. We cuddle and watch a cartoon or a movie before we read a book. It makes me happy because I know it won't last forever. I love how independent you've always been, wanting to learn how to do things so that you can do them on your own. You love to help me in the kitchen to mix a batter or pour an ingredient into the bowl. Most of all you love to lick the spoon all depending on if it's something sweet. I still classify you as a picky eater however in the past year since moving to Seattle you have started to eat things that you never did and you show interest in other things. You're favorite food are corn dogs and favorite sweet treat are Oreos with milk.

Every since I finished school you've been loving getting your haircut by me and you've been learning to style it. You ask if your "hair looks good" on many occasions. It always does and always will. You're welcome. 

I'm very honored to be your mother. I can't wait to see you grow in the months to come! 

Love always, 

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