Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spotlight: Sam Villa

I've been swooning over all things Sam Villa lately. Not only does Sam Villa have amazing products but Sam Villa himself seems like such a rad dude! Since being home I have been taking full advantage of the world wide web and been doing lots of online education. There are so many inspirational things that you can find (duh!) on blogs & YouTube. I have pretty much seen all the YouTube videos that Sam Villa has put out and love the way he explains and shows different looks and techniques. Don't get me wrong, it's great for me because I'm learning but there are great tips anyone can use even if you aren't a stylist.

The products Sam Villa puts out have gotten great reviews and although I'm not a current owner of any I created a list of the few products that I've been drooling over the past month. I can't wait to add them to my collection of tools!

1// Cutest comb set alive.

2// Pretty obsessed over this Texturizing Iron. It puts a pretty little crimp in your hair. It's simple yet allows to add some character to the hair. I'm hoping to add this to aid in lovely up-do styles and wedding hair!

3// The Sam Villa Comb. Their heat resistant up to 450° but most of all I love that the end features a neat party pick that allows you to part hair with ease. Must have! 

4// You can never go wrong with a good Thermal Styling Brush. You always need those to achieve those amazing blowouts. It makes a difference and I just love that they are a combination of nylon and boar bristles. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

5// This will most likely be my next big purchase. The Ionic Blowdryer. I've been on the hunt for the right dryer for me. I'm picky! The biggest quality in the blow dryer that I need is the weight of it. My wrist aren't the greatest and it's important that I not kill them with any heavy equipment. The next important thing for me is the airflow and the noise. I need it to be powerful yet quiet. And from what I hear this dryer is all those in one. Perfect!

Anyone of you own anything Sam Villa? I hope to in the near future but in the mean time check out Sam Villa's YouTube channel. Stylist or not there's some great stuff to see!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

hairspiration: the bob vs. the lob

What is a bob? What is a lob? One of the reasons I started blogging more about hair, other than the fact that I love hair and it's what I will be doing for the rest of my life, is the importance for us ladies to understand what it all means. Many of us have no clue how to describe or tell our hairstylists what we want. We go in and tell them sort of what we want trying to fumble and find the right words and then when it comes time to leave the salon we aren't happy. Most of the time it's because the communication fell somewhere. Of course, I believe it's the hairstylist job to figure it all out no matter what it takes but that's a whole other topic!
The bob is huge right now! I totally think it's going to be the hair trend of 2015. You see so many celebrities taking the plunge. You see them posting photos of themselves with their freshly cut hair with the hashtag #shorthairdontcare. It's far from a pixie cut but to anyone who has had hair down to their back that's what it feels like. Chopping off your locks can be a big deal. 

The things you should consider when thinking about getting a bob are pretty simple. The bob is always above the shoulders. You can have a bob as short as above your chin to right at the chin and then between your jaw and the tops of your shoulders. Nearly everyone can wear a bob. The only time I would be hesitant is when someone who has very wide shoulders or a very short neck sits in my chair. Then I would likely try to go for longer lengths. Otherwise, it's two thumbs up!

 For most of us, especially ladies who have long hair, it can be a security blanket. That's why so many are very insecure about being open about cutting more than an inch of their hair. The bob is certainly not a secretly blanket. Your shoulders, neck and chin are possibly exposed. So if you are okay with that then it would work in your favor. Also, if you have a baby fine hair this cut would be so very beneficial for you! There are so many women who have super fine long hair and are so self-conscience about that thin hair when the quickest solution out there is to cut it all off into a bob! It will make your hair look and feel fuller. 

What would I tell my stylist if I wanted a bob? I want a textured/blunt/softened blunt bob that falls when dry between my shoulders and my chin. Bring photos! We live in the "age of pinterest." I think bringing in photos of what you have in mind is the best thing you can ever do. Bring in multiple photos. Maybe you like the length in one photo but you like the texture in another photo. Your hairstylist will be able to pick out each thing you like for each photo and combine it to create your dream bob. 

What is a lob? The lob is a "long bob".  So typically a lob is past your shoulders to around your collar-bone. It's great if you can't quite go as short at a bob...yet! There are tons of people who start out with a lob and then gradually go to a bob. Very smart and honestly, if I know someone who is thinking the bob and see how attached they are to their hair I would absolutely recommend going to a lob first to see how they would like it before taking off length to create a bob. 

What would I tell my stylist if I wanted a lob? I want a textured lob with the longest length in the front to sit at my collar-bone when dry and it be a slightly shorter in the back. If I would of brought the photo of Lauren Conrad (photo above) in with me this is how I would of described her haircut. 

The lob is great with any sort of textured hair, whether you have straight, wavy or very curly hair. You can wear a lob. The only exception would be is if you have ridiculously thick or thin hair. I'm talking about EXTREME. If you like the look of a lob and the length that you keep it, fantastic! The lob can be a little bit of maintenance only because it will start to grow past the point of a long bob and will just be...long. So you might find yourself going in for haircuts a little more often to maintain that look. 

So did I convince you to make an appointment at your salon and take care of business? I hope now your understanding of what makes a bob-a bob and a lob-a lob. Here's an idea! Go get a bob and then just let it grow and before your very eyes you'll magically have a lob. HA, pretty smart right? 

Oh and I have to spotlight my sister-in-law, Nicole who lives in Philadelphia. She texted me last week, of course on the day of her hair appointment, asking me what she should do with her hair. With her hair already being at a lob's length maybe a little longer I sent her photos of Emma Stone with her chic looking bob she wore at the Golden Globe Awards. Alas, she loved the idea and went for it. This is what Little Mermaid would look like if she went trendy! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nutella Brioche Flower

Just the other day someone on Facebook shared a killer time-lapse video of someone making an amazing dessert. The problem was it was all written in Italian. Even after using google translate it didn't really make sense so I set out to try to recreate what I saw in this video on my own. Essentially the dough is a brioche type of dough. After looking up multiple recipes I finally came up with a plan on how I was going to go about it all. I was pretty skeptical about it all with it being my first time attempting a brioche and because yeast is not my friend. I'm always a little nervous with with doughs that call for yeast. I was lucky because I had my dad for support and he helped me with little secrets on how to achieve the perfect dough. Of course I'm going to share those old-timer Hungarian secrets here so you all can try this at home. 

Brioche Recipes
makes 1 loaf or 2 Brioche Flowers

1.10 pounds (500g) while flour 
1/4 cup (50g) sugar
1 packet (.75oz) dry yeast 
140ml warm milk
5 medium eggs 


1// In a mug warm up milk for about 1 minute. Pour in a whole packet of dry yeast into the warm milk. Stir milk and yeast together and set mug in a warm place to allow yeast to become active. I let it sit for about an hour. Once the yeast has grown you can start to make the dough. 

2// Put flour in a bowl fitted with a dough hook. Add sugar and soften butter. On the lowest setting mix that together. Once it's all incorporated then slowly start adding each egg. One at a time. Next start to pour the milky yeast, slowly. Now that everything is added into the mixing bowl let the dough hook work the dough on the lowest setting for about another 6-8 minutes. Dough will be soft, glossy and elastic. No worries! Tip dough into a glass bowl and cover with a towel. 

3// Time to let the dough sit in warm place to allow it to double in size and rise. This took about 2-3 hours for me. Patience is the key yet so very hard! I know. 

Tip: Keeping the milky yeast and dough in a warm place is very important. If you can't seem to find a warm place keep them in the microwave! I covered both the mug with the milky yeast and the dough with a thick dish towel and kept them in the microwave (of course not running!). Whatever works I say! 

Nutella Brioche Flower
(recipe makes two flowers)

1 jar Nutella
flour for dusting
egg whites for brushing
non-stick spray


1// Flour a working surface. Dump dough out and cut into 4 equal pieces. Starting with one piece take a rolling pin and flatten dough out pretty thin. Place a standard sized plate on top of dough and using a sharp knife cut out a circle shape. Discard excess dough into a separate pile. Layer a healthy amount of Nutella on top of dough. Gently pick up dough and transfer dough onto greased baking sheet. Follow same steps placing each pieces on top of each other layering them. The fourth and final pieces is the top and will not have Nutella spread on it. 

2// Now for the cutting! Place a small glass in the middle of the circle. Solid lines are where you cut first. Then the second cut goes in between the solid lines which are represented by the dashed lines. Lastly, another cut in between the solid line and the dashed line which is represented by the circles. So in the end you should have 4 little pie shapes in the four quadrants of the solid lines. I hope that all makes sense! If not the diagram should help!

3// The last and final step. Within in the each quarter of the circle there will be four little pie shapes. Grab two pieces and twist them outward completing a full 360. Do this all around the circle. You should end up with eight pieces that will look as if they are the pedals of the flower! To finish it off grab the ends of the each pedal and pinch them together to join them. Make sure you really pinch to combine the two pieces together.

4// Brush flower with egg whites and bake in an oven that's been preheated to 250 degrees for about 50 minutes or until it has browned slightly.

Reminder: Depending on how big you are making your circles you should have enough dough from the excess to create another brioche flower. I used a standard plate for sizing my circles which allowed me to do so!

Here is the original video that I had seen on my Facebook which inspired all of this to happen. It will help to make all these directions come to life, a visual really helps especially when all the twisting starts happening. 

The recipe for the brioche yields two of these beautiful flowers. I got creative with the second one and added a layer of raspberry jam! Best decision ever!
I haven't had this much fun in the kitchen in a while! The anticipation of it coming together and seeing the flowers shape come alive is so thrilling. It looks like a lot of work but really it's not all the bad. Most of it is just time. Waiting for the dough to rise was the worst of it. Hope all of you will try this out! Please let me know who it goes, post photos or tag me on Instagram @anita.schuler

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dear Sebastian

Looking around the blogosphere there are many people who have started their project 365. I too have tried to start said project last year and failed miserably. I wish that I could complete it and maybe I will one day but this year instead of doing a project of that magnitude I've decided to do one that I believe will be fun for me and also be something that could be a keepsake later on. Letter's to Sebastian will consist of me taking a photo of Sebastian towards the end of each month and writing a letter to him. The plan is to compile all of the photos and letters and make a book out of them. Wrap it up in wrapping paper with his favorite super hero and give it to him on his 16th birthday. I think it's only fitting to do it on this sweet 16 since he's 6 right now. He'll always be my little boy even when he's sixteen (which is mind blowing to think about) I want him to remember his childhood. 

Dear Sebastian, 

It's your mom. But you still call me mommy, most the time. I dread the day when calling me mommy is lame. It's okay though. I can't believe you are already six-years-old. You've come so far and I'm very proud of you. Just last week you brought home two Orca Tickets from school telling us you were responsible. I loved hearing that. And just this week you had a math test tucked away in your Avengers folder with a score of 28/30. You are really doing well with math which honestly doesn't surprise me because your daddy is very good at it. Sorry to say you did not inherit that from me. 

As you can tell from your face you aren't very amused with me taking photos of you. Most the time I have to bribe you to sit still and when you decided you'll sit still you are very adamant on not giving me a "nice" face for the camera. This is usually what I end up with. Doesn't matter because I love the many faces of my little boy. 

You are very sweet and kind. You open doors for me and keep them open for people who come in behind me at the grocery store. Most the time they don't even notice you're there or thank you, which makes me really mad and I usually say a rude comment loud enough for them to hear, which isn't setting a good example but I can't help myself. You don't even notice. You just walk off feeling proud of your civic duty that you just completed with a big smile on you're face. You are friendly and make friends everywhere you go. It's very reassuring for me knowing that you're so outgoing yet scary at the same time because you still haven't grasped the whole 'stranger danger' concept. You're starting to realize you can't just talk to everyone. Either way you are outspoken (no idea where you got that trait from!) and for me it's a blessing and a curse. You talk so much about everything and you're loud. Very loud. I tell you many times a day to adjust the volume. 

You are loving and still cuddle me. You ask to cuddle me at night before bed. We cuddle and watch a cartoon or a movie before we read a book. It makes me happy because I know it won't last forever. I love how independent you've always been, wanting to learn how to do things so that you can do them on your own. You love to help me in the kitchen to mix a batter or pour an ingredient into the bowl. Most of all you love to lick the spoon all depending on if it's something sweet. I still classify you as a picky eater however in the past year since moving to Seattle you have started to eat things that you never did and you show interest in other things. You're favorite food are corn dogs and favorite sweet treat are Oreos with milk.

Every since I finished school you've been loving getting your haircut by me and you've been learning to style it. You ask if your "hair looks good" on many occasions. It always does and always will. You're welcome. 

I'm very honored to be your mother. I can't wait to see you grow in the months to come! 

Love always, 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Egg Drop Soup | Whole30

I've been on the hunt to make something light to eat lately. I believe I've come down with a not-so-serious stomach bug that has been causing my stomach trouble. Egg drop soup comes together in minutes, it's tasty yet very subtle on flavors and perfect for times like these when your stomach can't handle much more. Not to forget that this recipe is totally Whole30 oriented. Don't worry this soup can be way more than just something light but there's endless possibilities  Add spinach or some other vegetables or if you want it a little heavier put some noodles in it. Quick and easy. Perfect for a cold winter day! 

1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 tablespoons almond flour
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 tablespoon celery leaves, chopped
2 cups Bella mushrooms or shiitake 
1 bunch green onion, chopped
4 cups chicken broth
4 cups water
4 eggs
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
salt & pepper to taste

1// Start out by making a roux. Add coconut oil and let it melt completely on medium heat. Slowly add almond flour and whisk as you go. This will insure that the flour doesn't burn. Allow the roux to cook until slightly browned. Add paprika and stir. 

2// Start to add in the chicken broth. Slowly. Whisk thoroughly making sure that the flour does not get chunky. Next add in mushrooms, celery leaves and green onion. Pour in water. Put a lid on it and let the soup come to a boil. Once the mushrooms are cooked add in soy sauce and caraway seed. If you have caraway seed powder you can use that if you don't like the seeds in your soup. I love them! 

3// Take the four eggs and beat them in a separate bowl. At this point make sure that the soup is not boiling, otherwise the egg with completely turn to mush in the soup. Using a wooden spoon stir the soup creating a whirlpool. Pour in the eggs while still stirring. Depending on the speed at which you stir will determine the consistence of your eggs inside of the soup. If you want the eggs to be thicker then don't stir the soup at all. Otherwise in order to get the threads of egg stir in one directions and then to the other direction. Let the egg set and cook and your are done!

Remember when I said you can put some noodles in it to add a little something. These are a great addition! Trader Joe's has some really yummy mini chicken & cilantro wontons. They warm up nicely in the hot soup. It was a perfect addition to the soup and enticed my husband to eat it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Golden Globes, oh hair!

Did you watch the Golden Globes this past Sunday? In the past, you couldn't catch me dead watching any of those award shows. Now I can't wait to see what all the celebrities are wearing and most of all their HAIR! Sure sure, actually seeing who wins and listening to the speeches is nice as well. Oh but the hair!

Allison William was gorgeous. I adored her tiered dress that made me instantly think, cake! Her hair matched her dress spot on. The forever dazzling old Hollywood style hair was perfect with her look. With it being styled in an asymmetric sort of way really played off her beautiful jaw line nicely. 

Dakota Johnson's dress really showcases her tiny little petite body. The shape of it being open in the front but then takes your eyes downward and flows behind her. Full of sparkle and glamor with those delicate heels. Her hair was simple yet enchanting. Her parted fringe taking away from that everyday type of look to something more elegant while the calm curl resting in front of her shoulder really makes a statement. I'm a simple girl yet totally doing some s&m stuff back at Mr. Grey house after this. 

Emily Blunt was fabulous in Into the Woods. I love her singing voice but here on the red carpet I couldn't get over her hair! That beautiful braid with wispy pieces around her face made her borderline Greek Goddess. I couldn't help but get the urge to recreate this hairstyle-- if only I had a head of hair like hers. 

 What was the first thing you thought of when you saw Jessica Chastain? On the count of three...1...2..3...MERMAID! Her deep colored bronze flowing dress and her hair with loose curls pulled to one screamed mysterious mermaid. Don't you think? She was alluring.

Last but not least, Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl. I got the gist around the world wide web that the dress was not that spectacular but honestly I loved it. I have no idea who she was wearing but I think it's different and dynamic. Her hair was amazing. Another asymmetrical bob. Very chic and although simple, again, it really has a powerful impact on the look altogether. Also, did you know underneath that bob Rosamund has a shaved undercut. So rad! Here's a photo of her showing it off. 

I'm not one to go on and on about things like this but out of everyone on the red carpet this ladies won my heart. What were your favorite looks at the Golden Globe Awards?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

television is my boyfriend

Binge watching TV or Netflix is like the new coolest thing to do. Didn't you know? I've been binge watching TV shows like my life depends on it. And really, no shame about it either. This time I have at home has allowed me to do it and it's fine. No, but really I am so addicted to all these brilliant TV shows that some really brilliant people have made. I always tell Bobby that in another life I very well would have been a writer for television. I have this incredible ability to foretell the outcome of anything we are watching. Of course, Bobby doesn't think it's so great because it kind of ruins it but I've gotten to the point now that I just tell him that I know what's going to happen, very vaguely, and not really tell him details. Well, until he starts to beg me to tell him because he wants to know.

It amazes me how there are so many talented people out there writing these shows and how great they really can be. The way they draw us in and how connected we can feel with the characters. It's easy to binge watch all of them because they are really addicting. I know I'm not the only one in this boat. We all do it. Honestly, I love being able to watch episode after episode after episode for hours on end. Here's what I've been watching lately. 

JustifiedThis show is not something I would typically watch. It takes a lot for me to watch a crime drama not to mention one that takes place in a boring hick-ville town. Yes. I said it, I totally judged this show. I was very wrong. First of all, this coal-mining town in Eastern Kentucky has some of the craziest things happening. Ultimately the show following Marshal Rylan Givens around and let's just say he's easy on the eyes. If anything I'm watching just to bat my eyelashes at his handsome face, good teeth and tight jeans. It's good. Both Bobby and I have been binge watching with our Amazon Prime. Currently 5 season. Season 6 premieres January 20th on FX at 10pm. 

The 100.  This show surprised me many times. It's a Sci-Fi drama set in a post apocalyptic setting. It's been 97 years since the a nuclear war happened totally erasing human existence except lone survivors who have managed to make a spaceship home up in the Milky Way. Space. I know, crazy. Now that so many years have past the spaceship has deteriorated along with the incapability to house the generations of people. So with no other chose they send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth in hopes that it's livable. Mind. Blown. Of course, what in the world do you think will happen when you put 100 juveniles together. Exactly. Nothing good. Things unravel. And the adventures of discovering a new world is exciting. There/s only two seasons. The last episode of the second season had be sobbing on the couch. 

Bob's Burgers. I know what you're thinking. What? Anita watches Bob's Burgers. Well, yes, I do. And it's not easy to admit. Totally not something I would watch. And I didn't until my little sister basically begged me to watch and kept telling me little things about the show that were funny. But I just kept thinking there was no way I would think it's actually funny but that it was just funny because she was telling me about it. See, Michelle is really good at impersonating characters. Then one day really late at night I was laying in bed and couldn't get to sleep. There I was browsing Netflix and Bob's Burgers happened to flash before my eyes. That's how it happened and it became something I watched right before bed. I kept telling myself that it helped me get to sleep but really I was just lying to myself because I actually think the show is clever and hysterical. Tina Belcher who is the oldest sibling is my favorite character and one I connect to on so many levels. In a nutshell, she's a hopeless romantic who has zero to none social skills and likes horses, zombies and staring at boy's butts. She's my spirit animal. 

United States of Tara. You can catch this one on Netflix. Another one my little sister got me hooked on. Once I found out the synopsis of the show I was like, whoa how come this hasn't been done before!? It's about Tara who struggles with dissociative identity disorder. Struggles is saying it pretty lightly though. Any sort of stress or emotional strife she transition into one of her alternate personalities. Yeah. There's T who is a vulgar 16 year old, Alice the 50s prim and proper housewife and Buck the male Vietnam vet. She has the support of her amazingly supportive husband and sometimes supportive kids. They complete a very dysfunctional family. 

Girls. Epic show. All about a group of girls in their 20s living in NYC and their experiences trying to fulfill their dream. When hearing about this show and all the buzz it got I didn't really pay much attention to it because I just thought it was one of those typical shows about girls and their lame drama filled lives like Sex in the City all over again. And I was right! It's exactly that but not lame. It's interesting and sometimes super weird. Full of sex, drugs, drama and relationships. I think it's great. 

New shows to come in the next few months:

Better Call Saul. Huge fan of Breaking Bad and if you've seen it then you know that Saul is Walker Whites slimy-safe-keeper and confidant lawyer. This new drama is based on Saul and his times before ever meeting Walker. I'm interested to learn more about Saul. Well see how it goes!

Daredevil. I'm a sucker for Marvel, whether it's shows or movies. I think it has something to do with being a mom to a little boy and having a husband like mine who equally loves super heroes. He's a big kid, no denying it. Netflix is amazing and creating a show about Daredevil. I don't know much about Daredevil but what I've read is he was blinded as a child but gifted with heightened senses. He's a lawyer by day and a mask vigilante by night. I know what you're thinking, it sounds like the same old hero type of show. It's does, but I have to give it a chance! April 10th on Netflix!

12 Monkeys. Beyond counting down the days for this show! I'm that excited and you will be too if you just go here and watch the nine minute trailer that they have blessed us with. It's staggering and even just having that nine minutes I'm sucked in and slightly regretting watching it now because I'm just antsy to see the rest of it. To sum it up, it all starts out with it being present day where a man shows up from the post-apocalyptic future trying to find the source of the plague recking havoc on his reality. My weakness is anything to do with a storyline that has the future, apocalyptic circumstances and or time-travel. 

What shows have you been loving? Anything you think I should sink my teeth in?

Friday, January 09, 2015

on who I am

I am...

... feeling nostalgic of the past couple week where I got to spend some real quality time with my little boy. I was hard for me to be away for so many hours during the time I was at school so while he was on winter break from school we did a lot of catching up. Mostly all the cuddling, movie watching, adventuring and talking we did, along with just the motherly things that mothers do really made my soul happy. Waking up in the morning to make him breakfast followed by snuggles on the couch to watch morning cartoons. It was all so very needed. Now that he's back to school I can't help but feel excited to put him on the bus in the morning and then greet him when he gets home to tell me all his stories of the day. 

... excited for the next step in my journey as a hair stylist. For months I had a certain salon in mind and unfortunately it turned out not to be the right place for me. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, only because I've really come to terms with the fact that everything happens for a reason. I'm pretty proud of myself to be able to think this way at my age and that it comes easy for me. Honestly, I just don't have time for people, places or things that want to bring me down. Nor should I. Just this week I ventured onto the other side of the water into the great city of Seattle to hand out resumes and network with salons that I see myself calling home. It went really well! It really opened up my eyes to the fact that you really have to put yourself out there in this industry. Like really put yourself out there. In reality, it's basically like I'm selling myself to these salons. I mean, it's that way in general when you are job seeking but in the hair industry it's all talk and personality. Annnnnnyway, I handed out a stack of resumes and already had an interview with a salon that I can totally see myself working at even if it's not the place I'm dreaming of exactly. But we all have to start somewhere. Like Vincent Van Gogh once said "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

...having an extreme case of wanderlust. I've been dreaming of a trip to Portland, Oregon. It's calling to me. 

...and have been nesting like a pregnant lady since I've been home. No joke. I've mostly done everything that can possibly be done. Organized, cleaned and done all that my OCD self could. It's come to the point where I have nothing in that regard to do. Usually I have a hard time sitting down to do anything leisurely until I've done something productive. It's the way I work. Otherwise, whatever I sit down to do I can't because I have this overwhelming gilt that I should be doing that other thing. You see, it's a problem. It's all to do with me being home. The struggle is real. 

... thinking a lot about friendships lately. Lost friendship because of either distance or because of personal growth. Either way I can't help but think about where they are or who they are and that I hope they are happy. I crave for new friendships, new experiences and new traditions. 

... anxious for all things I want to do in this life. It's exhausting, and at times depressing to think about all these things I want to do. Sometime I feel like I'm an alien. Do other people get overwhelmed by the thoughts in there head or get stressed with thinking that I might not get around to doing something that I absolutely would love to do, like write and publish a novel. Well, I'm an alien of my own mind. So there's that. 

... dreaming of the day we buy our first home and all the feelings that will come along with it. 

...loving this January blog wallpaper for your computers desktop. It's great, download it! This copper pipe hanging rack found on A Beautiful Mess. I've bookmarked it for future project for our future home. Loving my free 7 day trial of Oyster Books. I downloaded the app on my phone! I am loving my new planner and blog notebook I bought at Target. Let's just say a little hurrah! to all the greatness the Target brings to our lives. Amen. 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

walnut crusted cod | whole 30

I'm on my fifth day of Whole30 and it's going pretty well. I think the key to doing anything like Whole30 is meal planning and trying to mix it up. One of the reason people can't keep up with programs are because they get board of having the same thing over and over again due to  all the restrictions. What they don't know is there are tons of things you can cook up with even the smallest of ingredients. Restrictions, psshh. I laugh in the face of restrictions. You have got to be creative otherwise it just won't work. The other day we went food shopping and picked up some cod. Fish is a green light when it comes to Whole30 so I set out to be a little fun with a fish dish! Walnut Crusted Cod. It sounds fancy and looks fancy yet it was super simply.


(2) cod fillets
1 egg
1/2 cup walnuts
2 tablespoons dill 
2 cloves garlic
4 thin slices of lemon
salt & pepper to taste 

Preheat oven to 425. In a food processor, add walnuts, dill and garlic. Pulse food processor until you get a fine meal consistency. In a dish, whisk egg. Lightly salt & pepper cod fillets. Brush egg on each fillet. Sprinkle walnut mixture on top and pat to adhere it to the cod (I covered sides as well, but leave bottom of the fish free of walnut mixture). Spray an oven safe dish with non-stick spray, I used coconut oil spray from Trader Joe's. Place a few slices of thin cut lemon on bottom of dish and place cod fillets on top. Add a few slices of lemon onto the top and place in the oven. Bake for about 8-10 minutes or until the fish becomes opaque. After the initial baking, I turned the broiler on to medium and broiled the fish for two minutes to get the top to be crispy! Enjoy!

Quite simple. I sautéed some fresh asparagus to set the cod on top of and VIOLA, dinners done.  Elegant yet straightforward. Before I set out to make this meal I explained to Bobby what I was planning on making, figuring to ask because I had a feeling he wasn't going to be into the idea, because typically I just bread fish with panko for him. He did turn down my walnut crusted cod and so I just did the usual panko. Boy was he pouting when I was sitting there eating mine. Insert evil laugh here. See, I told you, is all I could say. 

Friday, January 02, 2015


My body has become my temple. It's been a little over year that I went through a cleanse and completely put the needs of my body before the wants of my mind. Even before coming to terms with how my body truly works I didn't eat that unhealthy. Sure, I had some bad habits like ate chips every once in a while and did drink soda but no fast food and my cooking wasn't horrible. My problem was how much I ate and the things I ate. I realized that carbs were my downfall. Once I cut that out and opened my mind to better choices that catered to my body I shed pounds easier than I have every in my life and now I'm smaller than my high school self! 

Even thought at that time all my changes were made because I was in hopes to loose weight, those changes have stuck around. The weight loss was totally amazing but at the same time the way I felt physically and mentally pretty much trumped that 30 pounds that I lost. I felt better about myself. Of course my confidence about my body image went way up. I could wear clothes that I never felt comfortable in or fit it for that matter. Not to mention, my complexion has gone from teenage dirtbag (baby) to smooth as a babies butt! I'll take it. Oh and my energy level sky rocketed. A++!

Now ever since the weight loss I've kept my diet the same. I watch the amount of carbs I eat, really choose wisely when I go shopping, meal plan, no junk food, haven't drank soda for almost two years and overall feel great. Because of the holidays I indulged in more sugars then usual and more carbs than usual, I mean, who doesn't. I told myself that I would allow myself to eat those cookies I baked and smother my face with bread rather than pass it up at the dinner table. I was okay with it but now that the new year is here I feel ready to focus back to the health of my body. 

I think I first saw the mention of the Whole30 program on my Instagram. It quickly grabbed my attention and I set out to do some research. I love that it's a program verse a "diet." I hate that word and honestly, I don't need a diet. What I need is exactly that, a program that encourages healthy chooses. What is Whole30? Basically, it's restoring your body by eating whole foods and cutting out food groups that can be having a negative effect. 

Essentially, you can eat meat, seafood, eggs, veggies and fruits. All good things. And you can't eat grains, sugars, dairy, legumes and alcohol. While I won't have any problem with alcohol because I don't drink, I will however have a very difficult time with dairy. Cheeeeeese! You will be missed. Oh and beans. Ugh. It sucks to think about not being able to have any of those things but it's also empowering. I love a challenge. It's only 30 days and I believe that after those 30 days I will be "cleansed," which is what I'm looking for. The nice thing about Whole30 is that it's not about loosing weight. Sure, so many people that I've seen who start the program end up shedding pounds but the program itself says not to step on the scale. It's all about restoring my body to where I want it to be, feeling good and stay healthy. That's all it should ever be about.

I encourage everyone to make healthy choses and believe that there is always ways to better yourself! Have any of you done Whole30 or the Paleo diet? I'm excited for the journey and hope to share it here with you all.

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