Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pike Place market

There's something special about these few days between Christmas and New Years. A whole new year is about to start and we're just trying spend all the time we can with either other cherishing the days when Bobby has off so that we can head out of the house and adventure to far off places, or in this case across the bay. 

We rode a ferry over to downtown Seattle to spend the day. The aquarium was first up, where we have had a membership to and now that the end of it is nearing we thought it would be fun to check up on our aquatic friends. The trip there is usually a quick one with the aquarium not being super big but this visit it was especially fun because of all the different activities stationed around the building. Sebastian is all about participating in everything possible. Face painting, coloring, listening, conversing. He's good with it all. I love this age. It's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy watching him interact with so many different people. He makes our lives so interesting! 

We holed up inside the aquarium for a little while to wait off the quick rain shower that we got, trusting in the our weather app saying it was going to clear up and it did. We journeyed up to Pike Place Public Market. After getting over the fact that there's always so many people there (mostly wandering tourists) I really truly love everything about the market. So many things to see, eat and take photos of. So many people from all over the world and so many interesting things happening around us. Today we saw a man on the corner of the street playing his guitar as it's balancing on his chin! We gawked like crazy people and so did most around us.

Our first stop was at Mr. D's Greek Delicacies. Our tummies were rumbling and couldn't resist passing by. Bobby got a lamb gyro while I got an amazing spinach and feta spanakopita which is a savory pastry. We give it too thumbs up! We walked around a bit taking in the market. 

Le Panier was our last stop. Most the time it is. The coffee is good and the french pastries and goodies are delicious. It's almost always mobbed and we have to stand around and throw ourselves at chairs when they come available but that's just how it is down there. We sat around stuffing our faces yet again, this time Bobby and Sebastian shared the ever-loving classic chocolate croissant while I indulged in a pistachio eclair. I highly recommend it, it was seriously the most rich, creamy, tasteful dessert that I've had in a long time. 

I'm thankful for days like today. Spending time with my boys while enjoying the PNW air. 

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