Tuesday, December 23, 2014


A pear face shape usually has a forehead that is narrow and a jaw that is the widest area of the face. When I think of pear I instantly think of Kelly Osbourne. She has the purest form of a pear shape. She's a great example since she's done so much with her hair over the past few years.

Kelly proves that you can do long, medium or short with her face shape. She's lucky in regards to having a nice neck that also helps with all that but really I believe that even if you have an angular jaw that you shouldn't hind behind your hair. Pear shapes can absolutely wear longer lengths but having some hair frame the face helps with softening the jaw as well as helps leave some hair at the face when you have one of those days where you need to pull your hair up. Bobs or lobs are cute and so in style right now but I think it's important to leave some fringe to softly drape the forehead. 

Minnie Driver is another face that comes to mind for a pear shape. She has worn her hair pretty long and textured throughout the years and it works for her because of that very actively textured hair that softens her features.  

Always know that no matter what face shape there is always a way to constructively achieve a hairstyle that balanced and suits your wants. 

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