Thursday, December 18, 2014

my wishlist

When my husband asks me what I want for Christmas my mind usually draws a blank. It's quite silly really because there's a million things I would love to have but it's something about being put on the spot that it all just rushes out of my head. This year most of everything on my list is to do with anything hair related. Now that I'm going to be a licensed hairstylist I need all the fancy things that come along with it. Of course, I'd like other things as well and today I'm sharing them here. I love wishlists. They are so fun to put together and they are usually how we do things in our house. For birthdays and Christmas we all write down out all that we fancy. Do you make a wishlist? It's kind of embarrassing but I usually keep a wishlist throughout the year so that I don't forget at times like these! 

1// Tarte brushes are to die for and makeup and all it's glory is something I want to start a collection of. This foundation brush is a must have for me!

2// No Rest For the Rad Tee...Need I say more? I think not. 

3// I've been on a hunt for the perfect septum jewelry for a long time now. I've been trying to find something that is good quality that isn't a million dollars and that also fits my personality. I found it on Etsy! I don't know why I never went there to begin with. I found this amazing handmade piece from Indonesia. Head over heals for it! 

4// These platform shoes have been rubbing their laces in my face for a while now. I found out about them on Instagram for months now. But then again everything on Deandri is perfect. 

5// PUG! I have no link to share with you on this one. A pug is on my wishlist and has been forever. This dream won't be happening at least until get a house so until then it's just that..a dream. But if you know me then you do know a pug tops all wishlists out there. Amen. 

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