Tuesday, December 30, 2014

looking back | looking forward

It's good to look back and reflect on our days, weeks and years. How can we grow as people if we don't do that? It's important to stew over what we've accomplished. To be proud of ourselves for doing the things we set out to do. Doesn't matter what it is. Maybe you did that home improvement project that you've been putting off for years and finally you pushed yourself to get it done or maybe you simply got rid of soda in your diet. Whatever it is, reflect on it and feel good about it. 

We need to ponder all that we didn't do too. Things that we need to get better at or need to work on. Personally, physically or at your work place. It's all good. We all need to grow as people in all those places. I'm not perfect in any of those, and if you think you are, most likely you are lying to yourself. Sorry, this is where I would insert hashtags #sorrynotsorry #thetruthsucks! It's okay to be aware of these things, I wholeheartedly believe that it already makes you a better person when you see things you need improve on. Huge pat on your back. 

Write it down! I'm serious. It's the best thing you can do. People can think it's a waste of time but I assure you it's the first step. Have a notebook dedicated solely for scribbling down your reflections of the past year. Heck, write down reflection of your day or week if you think it will motivate you and help your soul. I do. I reflect in my own ways and sometimes I write things down (like here on my blog!) or sometimes I take time to meditate on them. Either way it's allowing me to see what needs to change. 

Change. It can be scary for many. I encourage change! I love change!! I have faith in change and what it can do to the human spirit. Be whiling to change one thing. It can be something for the better of yourself. Change something in your diet, change your style a little, change your hair (do it!), change, change, change. It's ok to change. You always hear, "don't let anyone change who you are." Truth. However, you can let yourself change who you are, you are in that driver seat, you have the power to swerve off the road. Plus, I just change things for the hell of it. Like last week, I went to the drug store because I was in need of some new mascara and instead of buying the usual black color mascara I bought dark brown. I know, I know, call me crazy. I seems so small but when I was in that isle looking at all the different mascaras for a good fifteen minutes it didn't seem like such a small change. The change was good by the way!

Enough of my motivational preaching! 

Teamwork. This year has been, to say the least, amazing! We moved to Washington last December (still can't believe we've been here for a year already) and with that being a huge accomplishment for us it's been a challenging year non-the-less. With me being in cosmetology school full-time we had to figure out how to compromise and work as a team. For the first time ever I wasn't around as much as I was before. My husband, Bobby, had to learn to be a full-time parent and work from home all at the same time. Huge kudos to him for being able to pull it off. Since we live on an island it took a ferry and two buses for me to get to and from school each day. The trip to school was a chore on it's own. Most days I loved it and had no problem. The ferry time allowed me to study, do homework or even touch up my hair & makeup if I didn't get it down at home. It was nice to have that time to wind-down on my way home. And I won't lie, sometimes I took a nice 30 minute nap, sprawled across those ferry seats. Hey! You got to do -- what you got to do. Honestly, I confess that some days if I didn't have that nap I don't think I would have been able to go home and function. By function I mean come home, be coherent and cook dinner while trying to get in as much time to connect with Sebastian & Bobby. It was hard. I think for us as a family that was a great triumph. We learned more about teamwork than we ever have. 

I did it! I set out to become a hairstylist and I did. I jump up and down every time I say-- I'm a hairstylist!! I went to Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy where I truly believe I got the best education I could possibly wish for and at the same time met good people and made memories. I graduated at the top of my school and dived right into taking my state board tests. One written test and one practical test. Passed each test with 90% + and then just the other day received my license. It's real and it happened. I worked hard for this dream. 

As I'm sitting here writing it's such a surreal feeling, where I'm at in life. It's emotional and so many other feelings as well. I think my family only really understands how much of this has been a dream to me, the biggest dream of my life so far and it's done. My heart races just thinking about it. Now, I  set forth and keep this dream alive. I feel lucky knowing that I'll be able to do what I've only dreamt about for days to come. Year 2014 really was a huge focus on me and what I wanted. It's exciting and humbling to know that I was given the opportunity but now I long for this New Year to be about the grow of my family. 

I like to look forward to my hopes for the New Year! 

Family & Home
- a house! We are currently house hunting and hope to buy our first home by this summer. 
- be involved in Sebastian education more than ever. 
- plan road trips/adventures & live in the now.  
- regular date nights with the hubby. 
- start saving for a "real" vacation-- Disneyland for Sebastian's 8th birthday. 

- whole 30 program
- gain more muscle & loose more body fat 
- cut stress, meditate more 

- more artwork on my body, start on my chest piece. 
- be more social, go out more, let loose! 
- take compliments.
- pamper myself and do things for "me."

- learn and grow as a hairstylist.
- push myself to be the best.
- never let fear get in my way. 
- aim for success in the first year of being a hairdresser.

- write more of my novel.
- pick up my banjo.
- take a photography class.
- keep blogging for the love of it! 

What are your hopes for the New Year? Do you write them down? Go ahead, comment and share them with me, I'd love to hear them. 

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