Monday, December 29, 2014

hair trends of 2014

We are always trying to be trendy. Us girls, am I right? It's in our DNA. Looking back on the 2014, now that it's almost at an end, there are so many different hair trends that I've seen. It's nice to know hair will never be out of style! There's always something new and exciting going on. Here's everything to do with hair that has made an impact on year 2014 and will continue to make an impact going in to 2015!

Ombre. We all know what ombre is right? Ombre is a borrowed term from the French language which means shaded or shading. Normally it's darker at the roots to the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. Ombre has been huge this year and when done properly it can be a very lovely look and is over-all very low maintenance. 

Fringe. There are so many different ways to wear a fringe and this year a solid fringe, like Lea Michele wears, has been really trendy. Having longer fringe and parting it down the middle turns any hairstyle into something edgy and interesting. Lastly, I've been seeing lots of deep side parts with heavy sweeping fringe, shown on Taylor Swift who I've been spotting wearing her hair these days. 

Pixe. Crop. Quiff. So many celebrities have chopped off their locks this year. If anyone can convince us to do it it's Jennifer Lawrence. She is the spokesperson for the classic pixie crop. Anne Hathaway was another who went from long to really short due to her role in Les Miserables and even though the dramatic change was because of a movie, she has grown it out to an elegant short pixie. Of course, Miley Cyrus helped with the quiff look that has been so popular this past year with an undercut and longer lengths on the top. All in all, the various pixie crop styles will always be around and mostly thanks to all the wonderful celebrities who show us that women can totally rock short hair!

Middle Part. The middle part has made a reappearance. It use to be a thing of the past and considered old school to wear your hair down the middle exposing the forehead. Not anymore, now we find ourselves struggling with growing out our fringe to achieve this look! A middle part is something that is so fashionable right now, proof is right on the runway. Even with a middle part there are lots of different ways to complete the look you are trying for. You can keep it classically modern and make a stick straight part directly in the middle. You could have the part slightly skew off center to keep it casual. If you find that you are a little uncomfortable to take the leap and put that middle part in because you might have some pesky roots showing, just make your part a big messy opposed to a clean straight part. Your roots won't be as "in your face." 

Ballerina Bun. The high, on the top of your head buns or low near your neck, either way it's an awesome "go to" hairstyle whether you are trying to dress it up or just about to go do errands. I hope this look stays for a while or at least until I grow my hair out so that I can pull this off (it might take 10 years!) or better yet it doesn't matter because I'll be doing it anyways. If you have collar bone length or longer try it out! It makes you look taller, I swear!

Bob. Lob. These are sweeping the nation, eerrrr at least sweeping my social media. I feel like everyone and their mom is getting this classic cut. You really can't go wrong with this hair cut. I know I've been talking a lot about face shape but when it comes to a lob, it's a two thumbs-up for anyone out there. Bob's will be forever vintage and will always in one form or another be around. Personally, I love a sleek blunt chin length bob, like the photo above. Bob's are fun and can potentially turn into a lob!

Plaits. Braids have been huge this year! They are everywhere. There are Instagram account specifically showing off braids. I love the look of them and as a stylist I love creating with them. There's so much that can be done with weaving hair together. Different designs and patterns. You can be fancy or simply be practical. I think it's fun seeing celebrities incorporating different braids into their looks as they walk down the carpet as the paparazzi snap photos of them. If you have long hair and don't know how to braid, well, what are you waiting for? You are lucky to have those locks, get on Pinterest and search some easy tutorials to help you learn. 

What trends have you followed this year and what do you think will follow us into the new year? Do you have any goals for your hair? Are you growing it out or are you planning a dramatic change for 2015? Me, I'm growing my pixie crop out to hopefully a sassy chin length blunt bob. I've been dreaming of it for months now and it's been tough, but I'm going to power through with the help of inspiration from all around me.

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  1. I so look forward to these hair blogs (as well as your others, too), and am looking forward to see which salon you settle on!