Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Square faces are usually short and wide with straight lines. The jawline is the most dominant on square faces. Emily Deschanel has a pretty square face. Typically square faces need height on the top and narrowness on the sides but I don't aways agree with that. I believe  if you have a square face texture is key. If you look at a lot of celebrities like Emily Deschanel most of them with a square-shaped face have curls or wavy hair. This helps to complement the shape rather than bring attention to it. Any hard lines or extremely straight hair will really bring that jawline out. 

Oliva Wilde is another celebrity that jumps out at me with a square shaped face. She's one that has had many different styles, some great and some I really don't like. For example when she had some bangs added. In the photo on the left she has her hair styled straight with the bangs which, in my opinion does not flatter her face at all. Her fringe create a parallel line with her jaw which really brings her jaw forward, however the photo on the right with the texture/wavy curls added into her length gives her jaw line a softer appearance almost making her face seem oval! 

In spite of having a square-shaped face it in no way means you can't do short lengths like a fun bob! If I had a person sit in my chair and ask for a bob with that shaped face I would just recommend to do a softer looking bob, one that graduates in the back and gradually becomes longer in the front. So like an inverted bob like most of us know it as. Same deal with going to a pixie cut. As long as you get a cut that has more layers around the face that dissolve that hard jawline. It can be done as long as it's done in complimentary way. 

If you have a square face shape consider yourself blessed! That angular jawline is beautiful and a lot of the most famous faces are square and are so photogenic! Some other celebrities with the square face shape are Gwyneth Paltrow & Keira Knightly!

Do you have a square face? If so, do you have any challenges or any tips with how you like to wear your hair? 

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