Thursday, October 09, 2014


The round face shape tends to have a low hair line with a round chin but over all it's just a shorted version of an oval shape. The shape itself is pretty much the same in width and height. People who have this face shape favor more angular silhouettes, however anything can be done! You know I'm a advocate that anything can be done on all the face shapes as long as you do it the right way. First person with a round face that comes to mind is Ginnifer Goodwin. Boy does she have a round face, doesn't get much rounder than that! She's a great example because she does not cloak herself behind her hair. I mean, let's be real, the girl has some protruding ears. No way am I saying that in any sort of negative way, it's just plain old fact. In my world that's a double whammy.  A round face and some ears to go along with it. Ginnifer doesn't hide from that and really shows off her beauty. BECAUSE we are all beautiful just the way we are. Love her for it. And it works, it's unique and she looks amazing with her short pixie cuts that she likes so much. Having the sides of her hair short and tight to her head with the length on the top really transforms her face and elongates it making it appear to be oval. 

If you have this face shape and are insecure about it yet you've always wanted to do a cut like Ginnifer's, you can! I recommend trying to find a hair cut that has some pieces that frame the face or a "long pixie" like the photo below. Which by the way is the cutest ever on this lovely lady. 

Now if you like to keep your hair mid length or long, great! Layers though. Layer that hair girl. Don't be afraid. Layers are your friend! Everyone should have layers in their long hair. No question asked, it's a must. Your hair needs some movement and without layers there isn't any. It just can't move. Layers can scare people. If you get layers it doesn't mean that all your hair is going to be chopped off. You will still have hair! Long layers, short layers, mid length layers, layers that come up to your cheek bone, any reference point! You add layers where ever you want them. Reference points are awesome. If you have an idea of where you would like to see the shortest layer to lay just tell your stylist. We like that! 

Kristin Stewart and Emma Stone have round faces as well and wear their hair longer. They both have been super long at times and have gone up to above their shoulders at others. It looks great on them! 
Another thing that I get asked frequently with a round face shape is the matter of fringe (fringe equals "bangs"). Many believe that fringe does not look good on round faces but I disagree. When I look at what sort of fringe looks best on a person I look more at your forehead than the actual shape of your face. If you have an extremely short forehead (it happens!) then it might not be best to have fringe on top of your forehead, if anything stick to a side swept bang or just have some short choppy fringe that is on the lighter side. Otherwise, fringe is a fair play! Go for it! 

 Another stunning round face, Michelle Williams! Gorgeous. There you are, hope that inspires all of you round faces out there. If you have questions let me know! 

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  1. I have a round face, so when I first cut my hair I was hesitant to go too short. What I've found, though, is the shorter you go, the more noticeable your angles are! It totally highlights them.