Friday, October 24, 2014

oblong (rectangle)

An oblong face is similar to a square face shape but differs in how long and narrow it is. The jawline is like a square with it being wide and almost horizontal and the hairline is curved. 

Angelina is a prime example of an oblong shape. Her face shape is very long and even though her jawline isn't necessarily horizontal you can see that the sides are completely vertical making it seem to be oblong. Oblong faces are beautiful, I mean, just look at her. Generally, oblong shapes want fullness on the sides to create the illusion making the face wider. What can you do to give yourself fullness on the sides? Just put some big waves or curls or just blow it out with volume concentrated on the sides of your face. You can see Angelina's hair is brushed back exposing her forehead which often will make this shape appear to me even longer with that forehead out however with all the volume she has on the sides it balances everything out! It works! 

This lovely lady, Hilary Swank, is another example. She has had many hairstyles over the years. Another "do" for oblong shapes is simply adding some long fringe. In the above photo of Hilary you can see that the long fringe shortens the appearance of her face. Now take a look at her below and you can see the difference of the face without the fringe. Doesn't her face look so much longer?! It's crazy how much something as minor as fringe can completely change your appearance.  

As I've said before, I'll say it again, if you have an oblong/rectangular face shape it doesn't mean you're limited to certain hairstyles. It's just about creating those shapes within your hair that will flatter you. I love showing you all of these examples of faces shapes! Do you have an oblong face shape? Do you have any comments or tips on how you like to style your hair? 

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