Monday, September 22, 2014

your face & body shape

Did you know that your facial shape is extremely important when determining what sort of haircut or hairstyle you should go with? Well it is! As a hairstylist it's part of our job to make sure we analyze your face shape when cutting your hair. We even go a step further and are mindful with your head shape as well. Today I wanted to introduce some information on face & body shape and educate. Next time you go and get your haircut you can be all smart or even quiz your hairstylist on what they think your face shape is and see if you two agree! I love being asked and always have fun explaining why I think a certain way. It makes me look good and it also allows my clients to get really comfortable with who is cutting their hair. 
Look at me, telling all of you all my secrets! 

Their are seven main face shapes. Now, it's important to understand I totally believe that people can be a few different shapes. We are all unique and I believe it's easy to fall between two different shapes. Knowing your face shape will help you when it comes time to start looking up photos for a new hairstyle. 


I will be breaking down each face shape as the week goes on with examples to help you understand each individually. 

Not only does face shape play a role in the whole process but body shape as well. Trust me when I tell you there are certain hairstyles that certain people really should not be wearing due to their body shape. It's true. Sometimes it's unflattering. There are really three different body shapes that we all can fit into. 

Tall and Lean// If you fall in to this category then you' re tall. Simple as that! Your hips or shoulders do not dominate your body. You have long legs and arms and usually a long neck. Approximately for women, your height would be 5'10" or taller and for men about 6'1" or taller. Typically when you're tall you want to add volume to your hair or length. Women who are tall are complemented with fuller styles. 

Average// A lot of us fall into this category. If you are average both your hips and shoulders are dominant but your body has good proportions. Women usually are 5'5" to 5'9" and men are between 5'7" to 6'1". Who knew being average can be a good thing! Having an average body shape allows us to be able to wear all sorts of hairstyles and well. You name it we can wear it, however you also need to keep in mind that certain hairstyles will still do different things. For example, if you have a hairstyle that is short but is fuller at the top of your crown it will make you appear taller. If you wear your hair longer it will typically drag you down making you appear shorter especially if you have fullness at the bottom. 

Short & Stout// This category like Tall & Lean is pretty much self-explanatory  You are short and usually have a heavy or hearty bone structure. It's not uncommon to have wide shoulders and hips where as your arms and legs are short. Women at 5'4" or shorter and men at 5'7" or shorter. This body type is in need of styles with height or volume on the top in order to give them that feel of being taller. 

You can be one or many of these shapes. That's okay! But it's best to understand those shapes and being able to hone in on what you fall under. I feel like every person should be educated on this simply to feel more confident about ourselves. Knowing our shapes will connect us more to our body and in turn allow us to do things like getting a hair cut with confidence. So many of us are so insecure about changing our hair! It's hard, I know it can be. It can be challenging because most of us just don't know if it will look good or if it's the right decision. Learning about things like face and body shape can aid us to make those kinds of choices that ultimately can make a world of difference to our image, our morale and our happiness in this life!

If you have any questions or if you would like for me to consult your face or body shape go ahead and send me a selfie over to my email and I would be happy to help you with that! And stick around this week because I'll be posting lots more about each individual face shape. 

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