Monday, September 29, 2014

to do this fall

Fall is HERE! My favorite time of the year. Its exciting being able to experience Fall in Seattle again. I love the dreary days that make you want to pour a hot cup of tea and cuddle on the couch with a movie on. Another reason I love Fall is because all the baking I get to do! It's the time of year I bake the most. All the fun pumpkin and apple recipes out there have me all giddy to try them all. The air here during this season is so crisp and fresh. The sound of the rain in the evenings soothes me. The way all the leaves materialize into all the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Being able to wear layers and fun sweaters and scarves is another favorite of mine. 

Around this time of year I like to create a list of things I'd like to do this Fall even with my busy schedule I believe it's important to take time to do things I love. 

// Bake fun recipes. Try something new and out of my comfort zone. And utilize my crock pot more this season, which will help with my busy schedule. Here are some recipes that I'm itching to try out 1/2/3/4/5 

// Apple picking. Washington is known for apples and I hope to hike over to Snohomish (my hometown) and do some apple picking, pumpkin patch hopping and corn maze exploring. 

// Crafts. I want to do some creative Halloween crafts with Sebastian. And crochet a new scarf for me. 

// Hike. I would like to visit Discovery Park in Seattle with Sebastian to take a nice hike to see all the fall colors and enjoy the outdoors. 

// Bring my family together for Thanksgiving. My family is always so busy with work and were never really able to celebrate Thanksgiving like most. Also because my family is Hungarian it was a holiday that sort of sat on the back shelf. I want to make this holiday one that I host! I love cooking and baking and my dream is to host Thanksgiving at my home every year for my family and friends. 

What are some things you want to do this Fall?

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