Tuesday, September 30, 2014


If you have an oval face shape, LUCKY you! The oval shape has no dominant areas. It looks very balanced and because of that, oval faces can pull off any hairstyle. Even though oval faces can pull off anything I think shorter hair suits ovals the best. Whenever I see a celebrity with an oval face that has had long hair forever and goes to a chin length bob or a pixie cut I get all giddy. It's the best seeing that. When ovals bring the length of their hair up higher it shows off that beautiful shape and brings out their features. 

Elizabeth Olsen is gorgeous and my favorite out of the Olsen sisters. Those twins are old news! She has the perfect oval shape and photo above really shows it off. She's one of those gals that I would kill to see go shorter, as simple as a chin length bob. Sassy yet classy. 

Charlize Theron is another example. She's done it all! Charlize has a pure oval face. This girl really takes advantage of it and changes her hairstyles often (love her for it!). Most people, all shapes and sizes even other oval faces have a hard time pulling off a short haircut like the photo above yet Charlize does it with no difficulty what so ever! 

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting from the Big Bang Theory recently went shorter and boy does she look hot! 

There are so many graceful oval faces out in the world. As hairstylist we strive to help other face shapes transform into an oval shape. Although I've showed different examples of celebrities that have gone from long to short it's not for everyone. Of course a lot of us are uncomfortable with going shorter. Some feel like their hair is what makes them a women or makes them feel feminine. And it should! There are plenty of ovals that stay long, like Jennifer Aniston! The point is that ovals have the luxury to be able to basically do whatever their hearts desire. 

In case you are wondering I consider myself oval/heart shaped! Do you have an oval face shape and if so, do you have fun with different hairstyles??

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