Friday, September 19, 2014

IFBC day one

Day one of IFBC was inside of the beautiful Westin Hotel. It was quite an adventure getting to the hotel. Thanks to my little sister for pointing me to the right bus and directions on how to walk around downtown to get to the right place. Thanks SISSY!

Boy was tonight a big surprise. We were SPOILED! I would of never thought that we were going to be treated so well! We were greeted with name tags with lot of women and quite a few men as well floating around. So many fun tables set up with all kinds of goodies to snack on. Our favorite was walking around and filling our totes with lots of free samples of foods, desserts, snack and a few kitchen utensils!

We didn't do much mingling but that was mostly because we were too busy stuffing our faces with delicious foods. Tomorrow the itinerary is full of classes and seminars full of knowledge along with some networking. Oh and lots of FOOD!!

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