Thursday, September 18, 2014

ifbc & foodista

All work and no play? Nah! I'm not about that. I try my hardest to have something planned each month so that I can get out and have a little fun. It's important especially right now with my crazy busy schedule. Hobbies are very meaningful to me, like my blog, I love to keep up with learning and practicing photography and being inspiring to others around me. It's funny because my blog helps me do all of those things all at once! 

It was perfect timing for this change here at my blog because I’m happy to tell you all that I’ll be attending the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle this Friday into Saturday! It will be held inside the Westin Hotel in Westlake and put on by the folks at Foodista. I’ll be there with the beautiful Julee Cunningham who is the owner of blog My Happy Life By The Bay and who is also an amazing author. She has two Christmas children chapter books out and about to release the third to her whimsical adventure. Sorry, I had to brag on her! 

I’m eager to see how it all is put together. I’ve never been to a food bloggers conference so it should be interesting. Although I don’t consider myself strictly a food blogger, I do blog a lot about food. What can I say, I love to cook & bake. Most of all I’m just super giddy about it being in Seattle! I hope to network and meet other bloggers from Seattle. How fun would it be to become a part of a little blogger community. 

Anyone else going? 

Be ready to be spammed with photos and mush about my time there!! 

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