Monday, June 02, 2014

who I am

I am...

...almost fully recovered from a crazy stomach bug or flu. My father was the first to get it in our house. He was down for the count for a little more than twenty-four hours. Then I was next a day later. I was happy that it came on after school Saturday so that I didn't miss any school hours. Unfortunately I had dropped Bobby off at the ferry, for he was heading to hang out with his friends for the rest of the weekend, before it hit hard so there I was dying on the couch on my own. I pretty much was running to the bathroom throwing up at least twice an hour. Yuck. But wait I didn't tell you the best part yet, around 12am Sebastian ran out of the bedroom throwing up at well. Yup. Climax of my weekend. So there we were on the couch together sharing the blue bucket I had out for us. Not fun. And I ended up calling Bobby telling him he had to come home because there as no way I could survive doing all that on my own. Poor guy did and was left out on fun with his friends. Love him for it though! Good thing that Sebastian's little episode only lasted those few early hours in the morning and he was golden. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better. Stomach is still out of whack but I was able to get out and take a stroll today. Progress. 

...finally going to graduate to a Junior C at school tomorrow! This basically means that I'll be on the clinic floor all day taking clients. So far I've always have classes through out the day but now I get to just take as many clients as I can and LEARN + PRACTICE! This excites me beyond belief. 

...loving the weather we have been experiences here in the Pacific Northwest. When the sun shines it really shines! 

...gaining a lot of perspective on being patient. I've never had to be so patient as I am right now currently in my life. With school and almost being at my mid-way point, so close yet so far! With wanting a house and to be able to work in the perfect salon. Right now. Some days I just want to scream with frustration at the fact that everything is taking too long. I can't wait for that moment when everything well feel just right. 

...thankful for my little sissy being back in my life. It's fun having her working at my school and seeing her each and every day. She's been helping me out a lot with picking me up at the ferry on Saturdays or any other days she can. She's awesome that way. We've always had our disagreements about this or that but I feel like right now in our lives we both are at the point were we see and know each other for who we are and except it. We roll with it and make the best of it. We laugh together. It's really the best feeling to have and knew she's always there for me. 

...continuing to try to find a balance for everything. It's hard. Whine. With school, being a mother and wife, a blogger, a photographer and a hair stylist. Trying to fit everything in and still bake some goodies in the kitchen on the weekends. So much to do and so much to see. So little time it feels like. It can be very overwhelming but yet I still try not to let it get to me. It's something new I've been trying out...roll with it. Just roll with it. 

...currently planning a tattoo with Bobby. A "together tattoo". It's what I like to call it. We discovered a pretty nice tattoo shop here in Poulsbo that's literally just down the street from where we live. I stumbled across it on Instagram when someone posted a certain tattoo they recently got and to my surprise it was from a local shop so very close to us. 

...experiencing major wanderlust. After our anniversary getaway all I've wanted to do is get in the car and drive to some far off place that no ones been too. Ok that sounds like a a fairytale, but seriously I want to go places and it's very hard to be stuck. I always tell Bobby that at some point in our lives (in not so near future) I want to just pack a bag and travel. Go where ever we please and just be bums on the road searching for everything and nothing. 

...somewhat obsessed with watermelon. Give me all the watermelon. Oh and crackers. All kinds. Amen. 

...sad that a lot of my shows are starting to end. But excited that others are starting back up. Double edge sword,  I must say. 


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