Monday, June 16, 2014

port gamble in photos...

Yesterday we took a day trip to Port Gamble. It's a sweet fancy little town with a wonderful strip of shops to browse. It was quite a rainy day but we kept an eye on the clouds and once they broke we all jumped into the car and drove. Port Gamble is really only fifteen minutes away from us so we got there quick giving us extra time outside before the rain started again. The Historic Museum is interesting and the boys loved seeing all the different artifacts. My favorite part of our trip was the General Store within the town. It's AMAZING. So much to see, from whimsical decor, to a lovely coffee shop inside, there's even a little restaurant along side the General Store that was remodeled this past winter. However, the best part of the store was that it had a fascinating marine museum full of fossils and skeletons of so many marine animals. We spend the most time walking around seeing all that was displayed on the second floor of the store. 

Everything was so eye-catching in this little store. It's amazing how much they had displayed in such small space and in a very artistic way. It made me giddy walking about see all unique things. I'll be coming back to buy this beautiful old-school tea pot turned light fixture for our future home. I must have it in my kitchen! Even the way the candy was set out was fun! It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he goes into the candy store to buy his candy bar. Everything in gigantic glass jars and the old fashion registered tied it all together. 

If you ever spend the day on our side of the water take a quick drive to Port Gamble even if all you do is go to the General Store. It's so worth it! Bobby and I plan to come back on our next date night to try out the restaurant. 


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