Wednesday, December 18, 2013

on a welcome to poulsbo, washington...

Welcome to Poulsbo, Washington! Sebastian and I arrived very late last Thursday night since our flight was delayed. Our flight was one of the top worst flights in all history. Sebastian and I had a very hard time dealing with the long flight but we got through it! Bobby and my dad pulled up in front of the house on Saturday night. I was jumping in glee seeing them step out of the truck. It took them about 42 hours to drive from Philadelphia to Poulsbo. They made AMAZING time and I am so thankful for them. The universe was on our side, it truly was!

Sebastian and I adventured around Poulsbo for a couple days before the men arrived home. Downtown Poulsbo is the cutest town ever. It's only about a ten minute walk from my parents house and we've been walking down there at least once a day all week! Along with the beautiful waterfront.

Bobby and I took advantage of some alone time and took a walk back to the town hand in hand yesterday. I was able to take my time and walk into all the fun shops along the way. There are a few that are my favorite that I plan on sharing in detail with yall. If you still need to get some Christmas shopping done Poulsbo is a wonderful place to pick up very neat & unique gifts!

So far, I visited two different coffee shops. The first one, from the outside look very trendy and totally my style but when I walked in I was very let down. Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse isn't much of a coffee house. I was even more let down when I actually tasted the coffee. A big bummer! After that I was determined to find my spot for some legit java. When one of my friends recommended Hot Shots Java I was excited to try it and this time I was not disappointed. Great drip coffees with a pleasant atmosphere and a fun latte selection (good for Bobby!).

Sluys Bakery has become our guilty pleasure. Holy Smokes! I am in so much trouble with this place being so close. Yesterday Bobby and I both picked out a treat to indulge in. Bobby picked a Viking Cup which was a ginormous cinnamon with a mountain of sweet cream cheese frosting and I chose an amazing Maple Bar! 

I'm so happy to be home and to call Poulsbo home. My dad's house has been very warm and inviting! We've settling in and are now starting to plan and figure out how to get back into an everyday routine. It's been nice to have a little staycation and I am with out a doubt going to enjoy it to the max.



  1. So happy for you Anita! Great pictures too.

  2. Congrats on your move. Great pics :) Be happy, you deserve it!

  3. Hey Anita,

    Thanks for sharing a small slice of your life. I also loved the imagery and while I am not a big coffee fan, I did like those delicious treats you spoke of. That Viking Cup is enough to get me on a plane to Poulsbo :)

    Thanks again and take care.