Friday, December 20, 2013

on that one person...

Have you ever had that one person in your life that's always been there? I do. We met freshman year of high school and ever since that day we had to partner up in History class because we were the only ones lift standing was when our time together started. I've always believed in fate and us meeting was just that. Even after the past seven years of us being apart hasn't really change us together one bit.

I feel like that's the true test. We met downtown today in the cold damp Seattle weather after the snow teased the early morning and it was like we just picked up where we left off. Time has changed us. I have a child. She doesn't. She has a career. I don't yet. But honestly, it's the perfect balance to our souls and that's why I know they are woven together. For all eternity.

Sometimes life isn't complete when you don't have your other half. That one person that makes you feel whole with simply being there next to you. Without any effort.

I don't know. I hope you have someone like that. I know I have a few in my life and those few are very close to me now which is what I think my entire being was pleading for. I feel like I'm floating up above the tall crisp evergreen trees full of happiness of knowing that the people that inspire me the most and love me for who I am are just across the bay. People I know I can trust with my deepest desires, who don't judge my thoughts or actions, who tell me what I need to work on and are honest with me, who only see the good things in life and are kind.

I've got a latter to the stars and I'm climbing it one step at a time.



  1. Well shucks. <3 Boy have I missed you and am so glad you are back!!! It made my day hanging out w you and Sebastian.
    BBFs for life!!
    <3 Te

  2. Hey Anita and thanks for sharing!

    I am fortunate to have a few of those close friends in my life as well and like you and your friend, I don't see them very often, but when we do get together it's like no time has passed between us at all. It's so wonderful to have these people in our lives and thanks again for reminding me of that fact...especially during the holiday season :)

    Take care and all the best.