Tuesday, December 24, 2013

on new traditions...

Tradition are such a fun part of this time of year. I love to think about all the different ways people celebrate the Holidays. It's so cool that our society (for the most part) accepts each others family traditions. For us, we ended up splitting the all American Christmas tradition with my own Hungarian family tradition to create something that is special and unique to us. I love it!

Growing up we celebrated Christmas on the twenty-fourth. For my family the Christmas tree was never put up until Christmas day since Jesus was the one that gifted us with a beautiful tree. It was always such an amazing feeling walking out from my room to our glorious tall bright tree in the living room with all our wrapped gifts underneath. I still remember those feelings!

Right now we still celebrate on the twenty-fourth but usually put our Christmas tree up along with everyone else. As a kid I always sort of envied all my friends that were able to help decorate and enjoy their tree all the way up until Christmas so I wanted to bring that into our tradition. I'm happy we did so because hanging ornaments with Sebastian is one of my favorite things!

I love to adapt and add new tradition every year. Big or small they just make this time of year even more cheery when you have neat things to look forward to. This year I decided to try baking homemade cinnamon rolls. I've always told myself that I want to make homemade cinnamon rolls more often but I never do so I made it my mission to bake fresh buns on Christmas morning and establish a new tradition to carry on every year!

These cinnamon rolls aren't just any cinnamon rolls, they are Cappie's Cinnamon Rolls from Sandra Claus…A South Pole Santa Adventure! Cappie herself made these gems for Sandra and all her friend (including elves!). They are the most gooey cinnamon rolls you'll ever eat and the cream cheese glaze is to die for.

Best part is the author of The Search for South Pole Santa series is gifting all of us with both books on Amazon TOMORROW! So, don't forget to skip on over to here & here and download both books to enjoy on Christmas Day. Thanks JingleBelle Jackson. If you would like to get your hands on this recipe well, buy book two the recipe is right inside at the end of the book!

What are some of our family traditions? Any new ones this year??


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