Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Happenings// Well, I'm still ALIVE! The past month was a little crazy. Busy, stressful and a lot of hard work. We packed up all our belongings and moved out of the place we have call home for over five years now. Both Bobby and I work full time so it was a little rough having to pack & move with such a full schedule but in the end we did it and I can't be happier to have it all done! Leaving our place in the wonderful neighborhood we were at was sad but to think of the new adventure we are about embark on washes any of those feelings away. 
As of right now, we are living with my in laws. The house is full, loud and sometimes chaotic but all three of us are just thankful for the time we get to spend with our Schuler family before we move. Since all of our things are packed up in boxes, it makes our move to Seattle a breeze. All we will have to do is pack the moving truck up and set sail. My dad was awesome and bought a one way ticket out here to help Bobby drive the truck back. So, he is set to fly in on December 10th and then together they will leave for their journey on the 11th. Then after that Sebastian and I will be flying back over to the Northwest on the 12th! It's going to be a crazy week but I just can't believe it's finally happening. Even though it will be sad leaving Philadelphia and the life that we've lived for the past 7 years it's also very exciting to start new and have the chance to be around my family and friends.

Reading// I just finished the book Red Hill by Jamie McGuire. It's another one of those zombie apocalypse books yet so so good! It's written the views of three different characters. One, a women who just sent her two daughters off to spend the weekend at their dads. All hell brakes lose and her precious daughters are no where to be found. Day after day she doesn't know whether they are alive or shuffling around out there somewhere. Two, a single average joe father with a five year old daughter just trying to survive in the world with danger lurking all around. Three, a college girl who luckily was on the way to her dad's house in the country with her sister and both their boyfriends. A house that could potential save or doom them all. In the end, all their fates intertwine. Sounds good huh? Also I find that I should totally start writing synopsis for books. 

Excited about// My dad and step-mom just bought a house in Poulsbo, Washington. As much as I am happy for my dad for being able to find a home that he loves in a place that seems like a perfect fit for them, I'm just excited about being able to share a home with them for a little while. Until we find a house that we would like to buy we get to live with my dad, step mom and my little sister. Sebastian is going to flip when he realizes that we have to ride the ferry whenever we have get back over to Seattle. He absolutely loves the ferry and I can't wait to be surround by the beautiful water. 

Watching// Wow! So many awesome shows. At first, I was extremely overwhelmed with them all and a bit behind due to the move but now that I am all caught up it's thrilling to see where all these season are going. The Originals has been great and I'm curious about how this first season is going to pan out. On the other hand, Vampire Diaries has proved to still be an epic show. I was nervous since it is on it's fifth season and I wasn't sure what new twist they could come up with but they have and I love them for it. American Horror Story is totally wicked and outstanding and then there's Walking Dead which I thought was going to be just that..DEAD. But another show that restored my faith. The Witches of East Wick has caught my attention and urge you if you haven't to tune in on Sundays. And let's not forget that Dracula starts this week coming up!! Happy happy :)

Loving// How great I've been feeling. After hard work and determination I've lost twenty pounds! It's crazy to say that I'm back down to the weight that I was at when I was eighteen. I would love to lose ten more pounds to be at the weight that I've only every dreamed about being at. Last week Bobby and I joined the gym that is right down the street from my in laws house which makes it very easy for me to make time to spend there. I've become a smoothie loving fool and it's amazing how great my body and soul feels. Not to mention how invigorating it is to accomplish such a big goal! 

Looking forward to// Bobby and I are attending a wedding next weekend. It's one of Bobby's friend who I've only met a handful of times but we are excited about being able to have a night out. The wedding is in New Jersey and so we will be staying in the hotel that the wedding reception is going to be held at. I'm looking forward to be able to dress up fancy and have a late night and fun time. Amen to being able to have excuse to buy a pretty dress and chic shoes. 


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