Friday, June 14, 2013

on show and tell..

Today I am showing off my rad t-shirt that was gifted to me by my step-mom. My family and I took a trip to Friday Harbor, one of the San Juan Island in Washington. It was a nice leisure trip. I loved the view as we drive up to the ferry. There is nothing like the air in Washington, so fresh and crisp. It sounds corny to say but it's just something I always notice. 

The drive towards Friday Harbor we passed Swinomish and that's when I spotted the cutest little Native American shop. We ended up stopping on our way back from Friday Harbor. That's where I picked up the shirt of my dreams. Wolves have been my favorite animal since forever so this shirt was love at first sight. The shop was filled with fun Native American goodies and trinkets. Stores like that make me squeal with glee. I can go wild and crazy and my need to buy everything gets a little extreme. Of course, the t-shirt wasn't the only thing I left with, come on, you know me I just couldn't leave without a dream catcher. 

My sister and I always had dream catchers growing up. We both always loved the idea that they took away a sleeping person's nightmares. They helped us feel save in our beds when we were little. It's one of those things that has stuck with me for a really long time. For me the dream catcher represents protection, strength and unity. The dream catcher is my dad. This trip home I just really needed to take something like that back with me. 


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