Thursday, May 30, 2013

on who I am...

I am...

...distracted. Julee wrote a great post on how powerful silence can be, I agree with everything she points out. However, silence on my blog means I've been distracted and or busy. Sometimes the days go by so quickly that I have a hard time catching up with them. Lately, I've been caught up in some really good books and so my little space here has been brushed to the side. Not only that but I've been excitedly working on a new project. An idea that I've always known I would make happen. Something that I just happened to start on because of an unexpected burst of inspiration. Hoping I can share what I'm up to soon but as of right now it's much to early. Only a select few have been involved, one being my husband, who is pretty cool with listening to me go on and on for hours about it. 

...discouraged by this heat wave we have here in Philadelphia. Sweet Mercy! It's in the 90s and I can't deal. It's much too hot and as much as I am happy that the weather is finally looking bright and sunny it's just too hot to do anything but sit in an air conditioned house. Philadelphia summers are not my favorite mostly because of the humidity we get here and if it weren't for my in laws who have a pool we would most likely never leave the house. That being said, can't wait for Sebastian first time in the pool this season, he is looking forward to it.

...giddy about ordering a new Epiphanie camera bag, one that I've been eyeing up for quite some time. I took the plunge. I already have a different camera bag that I've kind of grown out of so I thought it was time to change things up. It will be great to use when traveling which will come in handy in the near future plus it's super cute! Win! Also totally and utterly in love with my new prescription sunglasses that I purchased from Bon Look. Great stylish prescription eye wear at a ridiculously affordable price. 

...finding that whenever I get stressed or overwhelmed all I have to do is remember how blessed I am and then it all just goes away. Perspective is the best medicine I could ever ask for lately! 

...feeling lucky to have such a kick ass husband. I know it sounds corny but needless to say he is just what I need. I never would have ever thought I could find someone that fits as well as he does. We are nowhere near perfect, we bicker like we've been married for a trillion years, and he squirms around way too much in bed which keeps me up at night but he's sweet and gentle were as I am rough and matter-of-fact. He eats whatever I cook for him without a side-eye in sight and listens to me talk about all my crazy far fetched hopes, dreams and ideas of everything that I want in this life. He simply tells me to reach for them and never give up. That's why I love him.

...currently obsessed with low-high shirts and high-waisted shorts, which I can never wear because COME ON, just look at me! Hold me.  

...shamelessly overly depressed about all my television shows being over for now. All these season finales KILL ME. However, I'm eager for all them to start back up as well as all these fabulous new shows starting this Fall. But that's a post on it's own. So there's that. 

I am happy. 


  1. I know how you feel about the high waisted shorts and the crop tops. You have to be super tall or super thin but they are so cute :(

  2. I love these Who I Am's and this one left me laughing. You are such a crack-up on your shows! Tea and I still talk about the Glee watching! Missing on you. You guys really need to come and visit soon. :)