Wednesday, May 01, 2013

on show and tell...

Sebastian and I went treasure hunting with my mother in law last weekend. It was fun! We headed home with a few treasures. My best find was a four piece Amish style Pyrex set for $10. It's currently my favorite thing in my kitchen. Later on that night I looked this specific set up online and found that it was made in 1957! Crazy. Of course, I bought it off of a sweet little old couple. Thanks, sweet little old couple who took such nice care of my perfect mixing bowl set! 

Do you enjoy going garage sale shopping? What has been your most favorite find? 


  1. Last year I bought a small antique night stand to refinish. While I was taking out the drawers , I found tucked under one of the drawers , was a letter dating back to the sixties. I took the letter back to the house where I purchased the night stand.The woman loved reading and remembering back in time of the boy who wrote it to her, her own mother was also there adding her input. They both thanked me for returning the letter.I thought the whole experience was pretty cool....MIL

  2. I am in AWE of your find! These are so beautiful, and totally on my Pyrex wish list.

    I do a little bit of yard sale shopping, but probably not like I should to find steals like your bowls. I stopped at one last week and bought an amazing leather hassock. It's probably my favorite yard sale prize in ages!