Wednesday, May 08, 2013

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Reading// The Immortals Rule by Julie Kagawa. I'm seriously in love with this vampire novel. I swear I  always say I've read all the vampire stories ever made but alas I come across something new. I love this story because it's different. Vampires are my favorite but with having read tons of different versions it's hard to find things that have me interested. Well, if your in the same boat as me then you have got to read this book. Really, I'm not even half way through  it and can't put it down. In this story the world is ruined and the undead have taken over and the humans are their cattle. Allie hates the monsters and is trying her best to survive in this world by salvaging what she can and living day by day with her hatred of the vampires fueling her. That's until she has to make a choice to die or become one of the things she most hates in this world. A monster. A vampire. So yeah, obviously she chooses a vampire and now she has to go through the struggle of being something that she hates more than anything. Emotions are huge in this book and I love that because emotions are everything when getting to know a character. I'm excited to get through book number one and get to reading book two!

Thinking about// Seattle and our move. I am so excited about it all. I mean, why wouldn't I be! It's going to be a lot of work getting out there but it's really going to amazing. It's so surreal still. I've already started to put things in boxes and Bobby and I have already started to plan on what we want to sell off and what we want to keep. It's exhilarating to think that each day I am one step closer to my dreams, family and friends. Bliss! 

Looking forward to// May 21st. It's our 2 year anniversary and we are going up to NYC for the day. We plan to drop Sebastian off at school and take a bus. I love NYC. I've been there a handful of times since living in Philly and I thought it would be fun to adventure around with my fella by my side. It's just one of those small things that is so fun to look forward to. I plan on hitting the Anthropologie store and grab some of my favorite French macarons that I adore so much. 

Watching// I totally did a whole post on everything I've been watching but dear me I forgot a show to share with you. Surprised? Yeah, didn't think so... I've been watching Defiance. Have you seen this show? Oh. My. It's set in the future where aliens have come to Earth after their solar system has been destroyed causing a war. The war is over now but Jeb the main character stumbles into his hometown and now becomes part of a group of people. It's great! Action packed and did you know that it's originally a video game? I know, I totally can see it being one!

Thankful for// So many things! I am constantly in awe with how good this life can really be. I love that the weather is starting to get nicer and that we have the chance to be outside more. I love that Sebastian made a new friend at our local playground. We have been meeting up with Kevin and his granddad to play at least once a week. It's really funny to watch these two play together. I swear they don't even say a word to each other that's how much they are in sync. 
I'm thankful for my dad who is always there for me. No one in this world loves me more than my father and I will love and cherish everything he has done for me when others did not. It's funny because I never truly understood that until I became a parent and now I know how deep that love can just root right into your soul. Just calling and talking to him on the phone can make things all better. So thankful for that. 


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