Friday, May 03, 2013

on being a television junkie...

I'm a television junkie. It's a problem I have and for some reason I can't get enough of all of them. I've always loved television and it's funny because I don't even have cable! All I have is basic channels and so most of the shows I like to watch I end up watching online. Many keep me in suspense which I rate as being awesome where others can be predictable and those I usually end up dropping. Are you as much a TV junkie as I am? I just can't wait to have cable and be able to DVR shows. Then I will really be in trouble. Mercy.

Hemlock Grove. This is series that's exclusively on Netflix. So if you don't have Netflix well, I feel sorry for you. This horror thriller takes place in Pennsylvania! It has werewolves and dark twisted things. You don't learn the truth about who is killing all the young girls until the last episode where they reveal many more curious things. They leave you hanging so I really hope Netflix brings up more seasons! Check it out. 

Game of Thrones. Oh. My. Lord. Love this show. I didn't start watching it until right before the third season started which is when I knocked out two season like it was nothing. Hooked! I've always been a fan of the Medieval time period so this hit home. The characters are so well developed that you feel for each an everyone of them. It's like every character has their own story. Some of the characters intertwine. Sometimes you don't see a character in an episode which makes you start to wonder what they are up too. The only thing that angers me is that each season is only ten episodes. Like, really? That's a tease. 

The Following. Ended with a bang. Well, so I hear. The season finale was this past Monday and of course I was under the weather and needed to head to bed early and it being my luck it's not online yet. So there's that. Don't tell me anything. Bobby is poop face because he watched it without me! I heard it was amazing. 

Hannibal. Honestly, I did not think I was going to dig this show at all. I mean, come on, there's like a million Hannibal movies what more can you give us. But they proved me wrong again. Completely and utterly hooked. Will, who is a FBI special investigator has the ability to understand serial killers and mentally re-create their crimes. That's messed up! Love it. 

Bates Motel. This show is always making my head spin. In a good way of course! Every episode has us asking more questions and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. When you think you know what's going to happen next they make you gasp with shock. I mean, Norman Bates is psycho for gods sakes and I love him! 

Nashville. Happy that it's finally back on after what felt like a forever break. I've simply fallen in love with the characters and their stories. I've fallen in love with the music. I know, crazy. I love the two sisters who play Rayna's daughters, Lennon and Maisy Stella. Their cover of Ho Hey was breathtaking. Oh and Scarlett's voice is my favorite and this show has single handedly inspired me to pick up the banjo. It will happen one day. Maybe you'll see me on season 2? 

What shows are you currently obsessing over? And what shows are you looking forward to this summer? True Blood anyone??



  1. I am an absolute tv junkie! My DVR and Hulu queue are full each week with shows. I have actually been avoiding adding some of the ones you mentioned to my list because the list is already pretty overwhelming, but I thiiiink I might be able to make room for Hemlock Grove and Bates Motel at least.

    1. I'm the same way but I'm a sucker for adding on shows. It's never ending!