Wednesday, April 24, 2013

on who I am...

I am...

...trying to get back into the swing of things over here. Not sure why I haven't been around as of late. I have a folder full of photos and recipes to share while I've been absent so it's not like I've been slaking too much. Right? 

...still sad about losing our cat just the other day. It's been kind of eerie in the house since then. No cat pitter pattering around or always underneath my feet. You don't really understand how much pets can be part of your every day. Our cat wasn't the best sort of cat out there. She wasn't the cuddling type and she rarely let us pet her. She was just there. She got sick a few weeks back and we thought it was under control since it seemed like antibiotics were helping, but then she just stopped eating and that's ultimately what ruined her. We tried our best and that's what matters. Bobby had a pretty hard time with it because all along he's been a bit more attached to the cat then I was. Sebastian surprised me with how much he understood. We tried to treat the situation delicately until Sebastian goes to say Kitty cat is dying. Like whoa! The kid is like his mother in more ways than not. Straight to the point. He was content with it with a little sadness in his voice but out of all of us he's moved on the fastest.  

...excited about something splendid happening in just 42 days. Yes, I have a count down because that's how excited I am about this! I can't really say what it might be so you'll just have to wait and see. Many of my friends and some family know which helps. 

... loving Sebastian's age right now. He is feeling more like a tiny side-kick. When it's just me and him we always think of things to go do together. We'll go to the pet store and just walk aimlessly around looking at all the animals and fish. Sebastian is very keen to detail so it's fun to see what sort of things he picks out or shows me. We'll spend hours at the playground. I'll sit and read while he makes all kinds of friends. The other day he made a friend the same age as him (which is seldom since he always has a way of kicking it with an older crew) who had the hardest time keeping up with Sebastian. The other boy's father thought it was quite amusing, were as I just shrugged since really who are you kidding dude, my kid is fast as hell. 

...happy for my little herb garden that I finished planting last weekend. My mint stayed year round so that was interesting. It will be so nice to step outside to pick fresh herbs when cooking dinner. Love that!

...thinking it's pretty cool how much people are looking forward to us moving back home. I got so many heart warming comments. We even have had a few people already ask us to visit them over dinner. It's so exciting and stressful all at the same time. Bobby and I are already looking into moving companies. We aren't sure whether we are going to go with a moving box that's shipped or if we using a moving truck that Bobby will drive. There's so much to figure out and plan but we'll doing a little over time, which is the best way. However, I'm thankful for my family who are letting us bunk with them for a little while. Huge help! 

...amazed by how many people from high school I have connected with via Facebook or Instagram. People who you wouldn't of found me "hanging out" with in high school or even really having any sort of conversation with. My 16 year old self would have never imagined that a "popular" chick would be commenting me on how they love my style or discussing how fast our children are growing. Yeah, certainly not! It really goes to show you have much we all grow in the years that have past. Change is such a great thing and I love to think how we can all find similar grounds and relate to one another. It's sort of a beautiful thing!

...slightly obsessed with Pinterest lately. I know! It comes in spurts. I'll go months without pinning a single thing and then start it back up again. It can be a huge inspiration. Do you pin? If you do, add me!

...over-the-moon about the weather warming up. Although it's a double-edged sword because honestly I can't bare the thought of having to give up all my lovely cardigans buuuutt I still squirm in delight. Though, I know Summer will be here before we know it and I'll be wishing for Fall. So, there's that. 

....feeling more myself these days. My favorite thing lately is getting lost in a book and staying up late watching random movies on Netflix. 

...thankful for the wonderful people in my life who are generous, supportive and kind. Thankful for a husband who is patient and loving. A son who keeps me on my toes and repeatedly reminds me of how precious life is. I'm thankful for Pho and all that joy it bring me and my tummy. And thankful for this life we have, live it doing everything that you love!


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