Tuesday, March 19, 2013

on currently...

Watching// My new current obsession, Breaking Bad! Stumbled across it on Netflix with all four season and so now both Bobby and I have been plugging away episode after episode. At first I wasn't sure about the whole high school chemistry teacher goes meth cooker but in all seriousness it's awesome. It has become something that we watch when we have nothing else to watch. And boy is Bryan Cranston, who plays high school chemistry teacher/ meth cook, a great actor. Great show! Also I've still been keeping up with The Following which has turned into one of my favorite shows. I'm starting to become somewhat disappointed with how the current season of The Walking Dead is going. And last but not least, did you tune into Bates Motel last night? Oh. My. God. Can not wait for this story to unfold. 
I'll stop there because I can go on forever...

Reading// I just finished a book called Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Okay, so after reading so many books I always have to throw in a contemporary romance. This book was good. Not great but I'd recommend it to anyone who is into that sort of thing. I mainly say it's not great because it's a story that has been told and at times was very predictable. The fact that it was a story that's been already told was not what bothered me because heck, stories are always retold but I think it lacked energy. But all in all in my mind a book is always good when the author get you all hot and bothered by the lead guy. I mean, helloooo, Cam is gorgeous and he's basically without a shirt the whole book :) 
Now I'm just waiting patiently (hurry up, hurry up!) for J.R Ward's newest book from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Lover at Last. Squeal!!! I've been waiting what seems like a million years. Highly recommend this series to anyone who loves sexy hardcore vampires.

Listening to// Passion Pit. It's been on repeat. I pretty much love everything from Passion Pit. It's so versatile, I can be dancing to it in my kitchen while making dinner or listening to it while in deep thought about my writing. Good stuff. 
Do any of you have the app Shazam? Love it! My favorite is when I'm watching a show or movie and a song comes up that I absolutely love but don't now what it is and SHAZAM! Now I do. 

Thinking about// the future. I'm huge on doing what you love in this life. I think a lot of people in this world take life for granted. We only have one and why not make the most of it. With that being said I also strongly believe that every accomplishment begins with the decision to try. If we don't try at what we want how do you know you can. I always try to inspire everyone to do anything and everything you want and even if the journey is great or hard to see now it becoming a reality. How will you know you can if you don't try? Fear is a big obstacle but get rid of that fear and what do you have? Freedom. This life if ours and we have the freedom to do what we want with it. Don't let life pass you by and be the one to cling on to what could of been. Get out there and do it! 

Loving// that Spring is almost here. Although it's hard to picture at times like today when the weather is beyond crappy but it's almost here and I can not wait. I crave to be outside more and excited to start a new garden. Having a four year old and being stuck inside can be challenging to say the least! Bring on the sunshine and bright happy evenings.

Sebastian is// amazing. The kids is growing like a weed. Sometimes he'll catch me looking at him with that crazy mommy gaze (you know, the one with tears in my eyes) and he'll just be like what mom! And I'll snap out of it and start spewing off how much I love him, how big he is, just stop growing will you!, and so on and so on and he'll be looking at me with a blank glazed over look and will simply say Alright mom... I swear my life can me a sitcom. The kid is a love muffin and I always want to eat him up. Wait, what. 

Wonderful things// Big love to you, my millions of readers | People who give me encouraging words | A husband who supports all my hopes, dreams and goals. It's truly a wonderful feeling knowing the person I'll spend the rest of my life with will be by my side no matter what | Good hair days | Co-worker friends and hanging out | Kid movies that don't disappoint | Italian hoagies | My kitchen aid | My French Press. 

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  1. LOVE it Anita! You are truly inspiring. Thank you, sometimes I need it! Love Jody :)

  2. All your sweaters are so cute! I love them.

    1. I'm a bit obsessed with sweaters and cardigans! I have so many.