Friday, January 18, 2013

on some swoonage...

happy friday! today i wanted to share a round up on of all the things i've been swooning over lately. it's super fun to browse around the web or coming across something you love. i have a folder on the computer just for the things i come across. neat whatever-it-may-be's. 

1// i am in need of a new camera bag and it think this one is the perfect for me. 2// i've always wanted to get my own espresso machine for home. although latte drinks aren't my go-to drink since i'm more of a simple coffee & tea kind of gal, i still would be nice to have this in my home. eventually that is, because right now counter space is very limited! 3// I don't know about you but winter really kills my lips and i'm currently head over heels for nivea's new chap sticks. olive oil is my favorite. it has such a pleasant scent to it and it does wonders for my lips. these were in my christmas stocking! 4// this perfect mug that i must have very soon. 5// this hello apparel shirt. 6// turquoise ring 7// another something that i've been seeing around the blogs i read, this fun green turntable.

What are you swooning over lately?


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