Thursday, January 03, 2013

on a quick tip...

Have you ever cooked ground meat and stood there working it with a wooden spoon to separate the meat into little pieces? Oh.My.God. By the time I'm done my wrist is always screaming why? For the love of god, all this pain for ground meat!? Honestly, it's such a minor thing to be complaining about but alas I am and so I thought I'd share this nifty (I think clever) trick to use when you're dealing with ground meat. Doesn't matter what it is, whether it's beef, turkey or chicken go ahead and try using one of those old fashioned potato masher!! I swear by this folks. I love me some sensible short cuts and quick tips when cooking or baking. When there's something that will save me time in the kitchen so that I can finally sit my butt on the couch, well, it's gold in my mind. All you have to do is take the potato masher and go to town on the meat. Take all your frustrations out on it and viola, you have nice bits of meat ready to load in a taco or whatever the dish it may be!


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