Wednesday, January 09, 2013

on good for the soul...

Paper Aeroplane by Angus & Julia Stone on Grooveshark

I had a lovely day off yesterday. I called it my "me day". I've been looking forward to it for weeks and told myself it would be a day full of things that I love. No stress, no worries just me, myself and I. And that it was! The day started out with some amazing Guatemalan coffee in my French Press. Then I took a shower and prettied myself up. It's always a treat to be able to have the whole house to myself with my music up way too loud and able to take my time in getting myself ready. This rarely happens and that's mostly my fault because I always make myself feel rushed. 

I knew I wanted to get a manicure so that was next. I love manicures and I always make it a point to visit my local nail salon at least once a month. I don't have long nails but since I work with my hands it's nice have them get some love. And the little Asian ladies give them the lovin' they need! Wait. Huh? You know what I mean. The salon I go to is my favorite. You can always tell that they enjoy what they do there and it really shows when they put their whole hearts into making your hands pretty. Sweetness. 

I had some really fun gift cards still from Christmas that I haven't spent so I was off to the holy grail of all malls, well around here at least, King of Prussia. It's huge. Biggest mall I've been to with all the stores you can ever need and all in one spot. I'm not kidding you when I say that I pretty much scaled every inch of the mall. Went to clothing store and shopped. Even went into stores that I've always wanted to go into but ever had a chance. Stores that I knew I wouldn't buy anything from because let's face it, I'm poor. But it was nice. I swooned and oohed and awed. 

Lunch was at Cheesecake Factory. By.My.Self. Geez, have you ever walked into a sit-down restaurant to eat alone. Awkward much? But you know what, it was amusing and I was totally loving it. Even the two old ladies sitting across from me who were giving me the side eye didn't even bother me! I had my favorite chicken salad sandwich with a green salad and diet Pepsi, I paid and was on my way to the next adventure...

Les Misérables. I read the book and was very excited for musical drama. It was beautiful. My breath was taken away by the singing of Anne Hathaway and Huge Jackman. Russel Crowe was a little odd but it worked for me. It was so out there to see him in a role like this one that I couldn't help but appalled him for it. Of course you will shed tears because come on, it's a brilliant story! The coolest thing for me was all the singing. Every breath these actors and actresses uttered were in song. So frickin' cool man. It's a long movie and I totally think people will either love it or hate it. But for me it was magical. 

That was my day. Writing it down like this it almost seems like I really do much but I guess that was the goal. Days like yesterday happen maybe once a year and boy does it rejuvenate the soul.  I came home after the movie with a smile on my face and a soul that felt like it could take on the world. Good for the soul. Soul. Soul. Soul. I love my soul and your soul. 

Do something that's good for your soul. 



  1. Sounds like the perfect day. Missing you beautiful girl -- love the new blog layout! xoooox