Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on a quick tip...

I was at the grocery store the other day and walked by a huge barrel of lovely pomegranates and since I've never actually bought one before, I thought that it was the day to do it! There was a neat little tutorial right at the store that showed you how to actually cut a pomegranate so today I wanted to share how I went about it. It ended up being easier than I thought! I encourage you to go buy one and try it out. 

I just love the color of them! First cut off the ends of the fruit on both sides and discard. I did four incisions into the skin. You can faintly see them in the photo above (labeled with numbers). Once you do that, grab a big bowl and fill it with cold water. 

Split the pomegranate open right where you cut the skin. It actually comes apart nicely!

You want to separate the red seeds from the white pulp membrane, which is what is floating on the top of the above picture. I've had someone tell me that they use a spoon to smack the outer skin with makes the seeds pop out but I found it pretty easy just using my fingers to gently extract them.

Pick out all the big membrane chucks and then use a strainer. And viola! You have a whole bowl of sweet & sour little pomegranate seeds. Yummy!

If you've never cut a pomegranate I hope this helps. I always feel awkward buying some of these fruits and vegetables when you don't know how to cut or cook them so I hope this inspires you to buy a pomegranate. I've been just eating them as a snack!


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  1. I love pomegranates what I don't love is the red mess I always end up with. I'm going to have to try this as I stopped buying them because of the mess. Stopping by from bloggerdise

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