Wednesday, November 14, 2012

on today's randomness...

Sometimes days are random. Today is one of those days. It's funny how I can get totally turned around when my routine is changed. Like today, at work I'll be closing instead of working in the morning like every other day. I did have to wake up and tell myself do not drop Sebastian off at school then drive to work. Do not do it! because I know I would have done that if I didn't keep repeating. Days like today are a treat and it was totally nice not to have to run and drag Sebastian out the door this morning. Not only that but being able to take the time to do my makeup is just so nice!

...I found the perfect mint colored slouchy hat at Target. I feel like Target has the coolest things ever! I went through a period of time when I felt like I was always missing all the good things. Has that ever happened to you? You find a cute top or some really sweet flats yet they don't have your size. Ugh. Happened all the time to me but my luck has changed. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing because really since my luck has change my wallet has become a bit lighter. Hmmm. Wonder why?

...Pretty excited about tomorrow. You all know what tomorrow is right? If you don't -- we are not friends. Just kidding. Twilight Saga marathon. Woot woot. It will be a long day of fun all leading up to the grand finale. The very last movie. Tear. 

...Can't wait for Thanksgiving. It is going to be epic. I just got done watching Rachael Ray's show and she was showing the top ways to cook a turkey. The top three were deep frying, grilling and obviously roasting. I've always roasted and so has my family. I do want to try out the other two ways at least once. I always love watching Rachael around the Holidays not only because of how she puts a different spin on things but also because she gives really great tips! Today she had a good tip about roasting two medium turkeys instead of one huge turkey. When roasting two, it takes less time and there's more meat! Plus you can carve one turkey right when it's done and leave the other one whole and display in the middle of the table until you need more meat. Festive! I'll be making my famous Spectacular Pumpkin Pie and also I'll be trying out a new recipe Mushroom and Leek Bread Pudding. 

...I know I say I am excited about Thanksgiving but I know when the day comes I'm going to have to try my hardest to really truly enjoy it knowing that I'll be waking up at 4am the next day to start serving some crazy shoppers with their caffeine fix. Black Friday is not my favorite thing. I've never been the Black Friday shopper but always the poor girl handing out what helps the masses keep spending their money. COFFEE. All you business out there, bow down to me!! 

...Today is National Kindness Day. What you didn't know? Let's be kind and most of all kind to yourself!



  1. I love the two turkey Idea!! I always try to get a 24 lb. turkey, and still worry if I will have enough to go around. Problem solved , get 2 15 lb. turkeys!! I am doing this.. Also I will be able to use the top rack, since the turkey won't be as large. And taking less time in the oven is a plus!

  2. I got my twilight ticket!! And we always deep fry our turkey. Delicious.