Wednesday, November 07, 2012

on currently...

I'm back here with a quick "currently" post. I feel like these posts are always my fall back when I am gone for a short while and when, let's face it, there's really nothing else to write about. It's been pretty crazy around here for me. Although the storm has settled (literally) I still feel like it hasn't. The East coast got hit pretty hard with Hurricane Sandy and let's just say that I've never experienced anything like it. I wasn't really nervous up until the storm was at it's worst. Since we live in a sweet Victorian home that is split up into three apartments, us being on the top, it was quite scary at the peak of it all. Most of all I was just  freaked out about all the trees around us. But alas, thank the heavens nothing major occurred and all is good. Our power did cut out on us and was out for about a week but other than that we survived. I'm thankful for what I have and the people I have! Enough of that though...

Watching// I am totally hyped up on Nashville. GASP. I know, me watching a show based on country music! The world is coming to an end. I assure it's not. No, in all seriousness I started watching this show all because both Connie Britton from my beloved American Horror Story and Hayden Panettiere from Hero's are in it. I love them both especially Connie who is gorgeous! The storyline is spot on and the music is not all that bad (as my eye twitches slightly). 

Listening to// I've been listening to the Modest Mouse station on Pandora non-stop. It's really just been exactly what my soul has needed this past week. So I've been listening to that along with Tegan and Sara's new single Closer. So amazing!! Shake your boody good!

Reading// So many books. The past week I've read the following: Crash by Nicole Williams and it's second book Crush by Nicole Williams. The Sea of Tranquility by Katj Millay. Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz and now I'm on it's second book Saving Grace.
Phew! What? I've had no power for a week! All these books are amazing. They are all stories about love but aren't the typical girl meets boy. Some really crazy stuff goes down that had me flipping pages like a mad man. Plus if you haven't already snagged your copy of JingleBelle Jackson's Christmas adventure called The Search for South Pole Santa, then get on it! Click the book link on the side of my blog :) You won't regret it.

Thinking about// A lot. Thinking about life and how precious it is. Things are always popping up in life that have me reeling with how thankful I am for everything I have. With this Hurricane we just had and also with nearing getting into a serious accident yesterday. I was lucky to have avoided a lady ramming into the right side of my car. Normally I wouldn't be so freaked out about all this however  I had a sweet little boy sitting in his car seat on the right side of my car. Not good. And yes, the women got an ear full about her not stopping or looking before coming out of the side street. I will not be one of those parents who loses their child because of stupid people on the road. No sir not me.
Moving on, I've been thinking about the importance of time. About how much time we spend with one another. Are we spending too much time working? Or on our electronics? I know people that have quiet their corporate jobs and in order to be there more for their family. I think sometimes it's easy to get so caught up with work and other things that we don't notice the finer things in life. So lately I've been pushing myself to do just that since right now with the Holidays and short staff at work it's super easy to drown myself in stress. Make sure we all appreciate it all!

Looking forward to// Next Thursday. I know this is the most geekest thing ever but on November 15th I'll be at my local movie theater at 11am starting a Twilight Saga marathon with my gal pal Ashley. Yes indeed, we will be watching all the movies all the way up until midnight when Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released. I am beyond giddy about this and for those of you that don't understand, that's fine. I took off work and it shall be bittersweet. Yup, I think that is the best word ever to describe what this day will mean to me! I'm super excited to see the final movie yet devastated that it will be the end. I remember starting this series when I was pregnant with Sebastian. I truly think that is why I am so emotionally involved in this story. I don't care if they aren't the best vampire novels ever written (I've read a lot of them-- I know!!) but I fell in love. Totally looking forward to spending all day with teeny boppers who equally can't contain their excitement :)

Making me happy// Shedding some pounds. It's funny how when I'm not even trying to loose weight is when I really do! I haven't been on a diet per say but I have been super self conscience about what I put into my mouth. And that's mainly because I have been wanting to just feel good. There's really no secret to it,  I've been getting rid of some unwanted pounds. High Five! For the first time since Sebastian's birth I actually almost feel 100% about my body. It's a great feeling which I'm sure all you ladies can relate to.
Simple things make me happy like coming home to dishes being washed and hubby taking time to tidy up our house knowing it will cause that twinkle in my eye to come alive. A sweet boy who doesn't shy away from saying I love you about a dozen times a day. Of course I react like it's the first time those words were ever spoken to me and  then I melt right into a messy puddle. That's all I need in this life are those words because even on the hardest of hard days that will lift me up and help me conquer everything. Other than that I'm happy for good music, pipping hot tea on cold nights, cozy sweatshirts, inspiring people and my family and friends.


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  1. It knew it was just a matter of time before you crossed over to country!!!It's a slow crossing but your on your way... Also looking forward to watching Nashville tonight. Thanks for getting me up to date with it.I've watched Sebastian's feet do a jig while listening. Also has his feet dancing in the car while listening. Believe it or Not!